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    What is/will be the effect of the 90 percent successful Bandh in Tamilnadu?

    For each and everything, the political parties call for a Bandh. Recently, yesterday, Tamilnadu political parties called for a total Tamilnadu Bandh which is claimed to be a complete and 90 percent successful Bandh. All the political parties except the ruling AIADMK Party joined the Bandh and are happy to see a complete 90 percent successful Bandh.

    What will be the advantage of this Bandh to Tamilnadu, and how this Bandh will affect the Kannadigas or the Karnataka Government. What is/will be the total effect of this Bandh which has put the public to inconvenience for 12 hours from 0600 to 1800 hours. Was the Bandh necessary? Will Kannadigas change their attitude after hearing the success of the Tamilnadu Bandh? Why the ruling party of Tamilnadu participate in the Bandh? Is not the Cauvery water a problem to Tamilnadu Government?
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    I'm in chennai and yesterday almost all the shops and transport was bandh. More thn benefit it is huge revenue loss for state. Rotation of money or goods and services stopped for a day and instead of positive impact it is negative impact. Some companies have turn over of minimum 2 crores of a day so even if 10 companies are not working then turnover of 20 crore is not happend . In my view in this political issues they must not give such orders. State go through huge loss because of this. And political parties must understand their responsibilities wether ruling party or opposition.

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    Nothing will happen as a result of the so called Bandh conducted by the political parties on Cauvery Issue.The bandh was totally a waste of time.Most importantly, the strike was conducted by the private organisations and the opponent parties, not by the Government.The entire Government organisations and the Government schools in Tamil Nadu operated as usual on Friday. It is the responsibility of the Tamil Nadu Government to raise the voice against the issue.But the Tamil Nadu government is behaving as if the issue is happening in some other state and not in Tamil Nadu. Nowadays the protests for Cauvery has become very common between these two states. The farmers living in Tamil Nadu are getting affected because of the water problems between the two state Governments. Protests or Bandh is not a solution for this issue. Both the state government of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are doing internal politics with this Cauvery Issue and are creating problems to the public.Moreover the 90% participation in Bandh is not the real success. If the outcome of the strike is met then the whole state can celebrate the success. Interlinking of rivers is the only solution to solve this Cauvery issue or else at least both the states should share the river in a friendly manner as per the order of the Supreme Court.

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    Bandh or the total shut down is the way of expressing anger by the popular mass and it does affect the normal life for the day as the schools, colleges, shops and offices would be closed and some times even buses and autos wont be operative. If the Bandh is successful, that shows people resentment and they expressed their anger in that manner. The government at the state and center must examine the impact of such bandhs which are some time more sentimental than thought. The Cauvery bandh in TN was near total and that gives ample signal to Karnataka that hence forth it should not fiddle with the water politics.
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