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    Regarding the discrepancies relating to payment of cash - credit.

    I would like to have your clarification with respect to my earning points.
    The details are as follows-
    1) Confused whether I can apply for the Government - job- Expert - section -- cash incentive-- 4
    2) Why is there vaccine for viral disease like Measles and Polios and not for Cold-cash- incentive-2
    3) Smart - investment plan to get better returns --Cash - incentive - 3
    Total. Re 9
    In Resource response - section the following write - ups were rewarded-
    1) Review of Cash - incentive --- 5
    2) GATE preparation tips for the upcoming examination GATE - 2017 - Cash - incentive ------- 6
    Total 11
    Hence the total payable amount is Re 20/-
    Initially balance was being shown Re 4864 and later on addition to these incentives, it is being shown as Re 4878 instead of the correct amount of Re 4884.
    This needs your review so that it is corrected at the earliest.
    One more request, Not all the approved articles against Ask - expert coloumn are appearing in the Alert - button, a few of them are given below-
    How do I improve my spoken English
    Eligibility for MD Pharmocology
    An early correction from your end is awaited.
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    Could you provide the URLs of the posts in question please? Points and cc may have changed while reviewing or some other content posted by you might have been reviewed thereby reducing your points and cc. Kindly check with the recalculate feature and come back on this for the needful.
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    There appears to be a serious flaw in the system since today itself when an article - the best method to prepare the examination was approved, the cash point remained the same being Re 4878 though there was a raise in the points by 2.
    If the points are getting changed very often, how can I trace out of the origin of the same?
    Can you rectify the proper functioning of the Alert - button ?
    I hope you would fix up the anamoly prevailing at this moment.

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    Tony Sir is checking it out.
    Managing Editor,

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    Points and cash will keep changing as the editors edit, tune, approve or reject posts in various sections. Unfortunately, there is no micro level tracking of points and cash possible in ISC due to the technical limitations. You may read this thread for more details.

    I will check if there are any issues with the alerts feature. If you continue to notice issues with Alerts, please report it here, along with relevant URLs instead of titles.

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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