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    Now Modi dolls are super hit and preffered over Chota Bheem and other characters.

    The craze for our PM is also seen through sales of dolls made up of clothes and two online companies are marketing the wonderful dolls of our PM Modi draped in a suit and the face is near to the real. The cost of the doll is 995 in one site and 1395 in another site. Gone are the days when the children were fond of various cartoon characters dolls especially the Chota Bheem character. Now PM Modi dolls are fast selling through online and thus children are treated with these dolls for a change. What is your view on this ?
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    People have started almost worshipping P.M. Modi simply because of his plan, programme, activities and performance despite vilification campaign by a majority of so-called intellectuals. In today's India, there is no other political leader who can match/compete with the P.M.
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    PM modi is famous between all age group. We know youngsters even copied the dressing style of modi and it,s call modi coat correct me if I'm wrong. Now modi dolls . No doubt our pm is loved by childrens also. He impress us with his political skills . And as i belongs to surat gujarat normally during voting time people will not see which candidate of BJP is there in their area all they know is they giving vote to modi. It,s simply he deserve this.

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