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    Rahul's impromptu visit to poor man hut cost the family 10 kg wheat floor credit.

    Being the election time in UP, it is but natural that leaders are grabbing the attention of voters especially the dalit votes. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi who made a impromptu visit to a dalit family for a lunch made that family to literally borrow for 10 kg wheat floor for a lunch to all the Congress leaders who accompanied him. Normally in a poor family they wont keep stock of food items and suddenly if some group comes of lunch then what the poor man can do. Well for Rahul it may be a vote bank politics, but for the poor man family who went through the ordeal was uncalled for.
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    Yes, I have also got the news. The unfortunate poor man has had to face lots of hardship due to the sudden and unexpected visit of the political leader. If a sensible Congress leader is available in that area, he/he should have immediately pay the poor man the amount which he had to spend for the visit.
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    Is there any news that the poor man's loss was not made up? And does it make any difference whether the poor man is a Dalit or an upper caste? I am actually feeling ashamed that 'We, the people', are being hijacked by the media. it is high time we realize and start behaving normally and logically instead of starting up comments or opinions based on the breaking or exclusive news in different channels.
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