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    Selfie with a police personnel would keep the eve teasers away

    The girls in Uttar Pradesh have hit upon the new Idea to have a selfie with a Police personnel and upload the same as their profile picture in the social media and that would deter the eve teasers or wrong doers in the society to make any further advancement. This is in fact good idea. Instead of carrying pepper powder or Mirchi powder to punish the culprits, the girls can now go for selfies with their nearest Police station personnel which proves to be very effective in providing total security for the women folks. Any comment or takers ?
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    I do not see any merit in this idea.It may sometimes deter the online eve-teaser,what about the road teaser.according to the idea of author every girl and woman will go to police station for selfy.what about the eve-teasing if police men start doing. Carrying pepper powder or Mirchi powder to defend is good idea.
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    I have come across a news item that Police Station Incharge of a police station in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh has taken such an initiative and he is posing for selfies with the school girls in groups.

    I particularly feel pity about boys who are caught by decoy women police constables in plain clothes. Such Romeos are bound to get a thorough thrashing. I sometimes wonder, if such women constable act naturally in a neutral manner or make some deliberate effort to catch the boys once on duty to perform the job.

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    While it is a good idea, I wonder, how can you be so sure that eve teasers have seen our social media profile or not?

    However, taking a selfie when there are some eve teasers passing comments on her, can be nice idea to capture their faces. In fact, even better would be to act as if she is clicking just another selfie of her, while she should be actually recording a video.

    But even then, it may not be possible for girls to take a selfie when there are eve teasers passing lewd comments on you. That is just not the situation when a girl will take out camera and nobody will doubt her.

    I guess, girls should still carry a mini knife, a mirchi spray and a phone to ensure her safety and that they culprits get their lessons well learned. At the same time, they should keep living their lives the way they like it, without fearing the society and bad eyed people. Also, when a stranger misbehaves with any woman, the people around them must interfere and raise the voice. While carrying some safety tools in her bag has become equally important nowadays, we should be ashamed for her having to carry such stuff with her.

    'Strength in Unity' is mostly a slogan which only works for eve teasers or criminal-minded people. Two or three eve teasers disturb girls, but no man around behaves like a real man to stop the nonsense from happening. That's the real issue. If that is cared about, she may not need to defend her. She has to defend because she gets attacked.

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