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    Advertisement is a tricky technique used to attract the attention of Kids- Agree or Disagree?

    Advertisement is a marketing technique used to create awareness among the people about a product in the market. Adults are aware of the marketing tricks and the motive of the product seller and so they strictly neglect the advertisements. But Children are very innocent and they usually get attracted towards the advertisements without knowing the marketing tricks behind the advertisements. Taking this an advantage many product sellers are creating advertisements in order to attract the children. Nowadays children are the main target audience of the product sellers. The Children remembers all the contents shown in the advertisements. After seeing the advertisements, almost all the children nudge their parents to buy the product which they see in the advertisements.

    Is advertisement a tricky technique used to attract the attention of Kids? How the impact of advertisements on Children can be handled positively?

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    Companies want to sale there products so for attracting customers they will do their part. Best part to deal with kids according to me is distracting their attention from what they are thinking. If age of kid is around 5 years or more then by continuos talking with them that what they really need and what they don't . We need to make them understand . Or by giving assurance to kids that this thing you do not need if something useful will be their we will get you.

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    Depending on the products, there is one more possibility. The advertisers may be trying to catch the customers young as their future potential customers. The creative ads designer apply their mind in creating scenarios by consciously selecting models of different age groups to achieve their mission.
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    If you see any visual advertisement on the television it targets two sects. One is the kid and other is the women. Normally kids are the main targets for the companies to prevail upon the parents to get their things done. Some companies have the knack of creating artificial shortage by showing new products and yet they have not arrived at the shops so far. In that case children get annoyed and pressure the parents to fetch that particular product from where ever they can. This kind of advertisement would be helpful to create advance acceptable customers for the companies. By the way many products are also targeting the women folk because they are the people who would be watching the daily sitcoms and serials on the television and any new product thus advertised would be purchased by them. So kids and women are the main targets in todays advertising technique being practiced by every ad agencies.
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