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    Is exposure of skin a tool to attract or distract people?

    Nowadays, in social gatherings we come across people wearing western dresses with bare shoulders. Even sleeveless Indian dresses expose the upper arms and few other designs expose the midriff or the belly excessively. Even in the western societies, it is believed that excessive skin exposure causes distractions.

    I do believe that choice of clothing is an expression of one's inner self. The choice of color, design, fabric and detailing do reveal the inner personality and others need not meddle in one's personal choices and preferences. However, in the context of the ongoing debate about the impact of clothing on the crime against women, I intend to initiate this discussion.

    Is it necessary to expose skin in prevailing scenario of unfortunate rising trends in the crime against women?

    Is exposure of skin a tool to attract or distract people?
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    In the South there is increasing practice of stitching ready made blouse with lots of openings in the back. It is expressly understood that blouse is worn to protect the upper body but in the name of fashion the back portion is left with deep cut and thus one can perceive that the women is nearly naked to the hilt on her back. I do agree making fashion statement is the prerogative of any women but her fashion should not be a distraction to the passerby or other onlookers. By the way dressing must be done to satisfy the likes of her husband and not to the likes of others on the road. More women are spending too much money on new fashions being introduced on blouses. Well wearing a half sleeve or sleeve less attire do enhance the beauty of some women and it can be considered but exposing the back with too much scope for others to have a dig at the fashion style is something which I am totally against.
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    Definitely, exposure of body is to attract people. However, it is not a recent phenomenon. This is going on over centuries. Selective exposure of body increases the attraction mani-fold, and those who expose, know the technique and art of selective exposure.
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    It is obviously to attract, I am giving a small example, you must have heard about some low budget movies, in which there is no strong script, no big star cast, for attracting people, they use the poster with the actress photos with maximum exposure, which attract audience with an expectation of something more in movie.
    Yes people at public place might avoid direct looking such exposure but they try to look and criticize.

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    Movies are known to be commercial ventures deliberately designed to enhance box office collections. The theme of the thread is about such tendencies at social gatherings like parties etc.

    Practically, it may be a tall expectation from people to not to look, followed by criticism or otherwise.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The skin show in the disguise of fashion is becoming popular now a days. every women must think wisely to differentiate between what is fashion and what is distractible fashion. I think no women except few wants to get a lot of attention from men by their skin show. I even observed my aunts wearing low back designer blouses which they consider as fashion but they aren't like that group of women who really wants to expose their naked skin to men. They are just drowning in the world of fashion and losing their consciousness.
    The dressing styles and fashion that we follow must reflect our custom and traditions. Following fashion is not wrong but let's customize the fashion such that it elevates our Indian heritage.
    Blaming women is also not correct in this case, men must not encourage their wives to do such activity that disturbs others. Let's prove ourselves as Indian men who'll not merely fall by seeing naked flesh.

    Venkat Satish Mamidisetti,
    Electrical Engineer.

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    Women can look elegant and stylish even after being fully clothed. Yester year actresses used to wear beautiful long dresses, sarees and anarkalis which looked fashionable and decent at the same time. I do not understand the need to expose by women and rather to attract or distract attention on the roads. They can do so with full right in front of their spouses alone and spare the rest of the world. I strongly disagree with the need of skin show in every woman , be it a home maker, working woman or even an actress as it's a gift given to protect and not display.
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    Just one message: Go watch the film Pink.

    Managing Editor,

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    That's really strange and sad to read all the views mentioned above. I completely disgaree with all of you, I mean we don't have any right to say that someone's exposure of skin is perceived as a tool of attracting or distracting you. Are you really considering women as objects and not individuals by pointing out the dresses they wear as a tool to attract or distract? I would rather say that it's your problem if you are attracted , distracted or whatever and not the one who is wearing the clothes of her own choice.
    Each one of us have our own space and if you have a problem with such little factors, then bang on you should go and get it fixed. It actually doesn't have any connection with the rising crimes against women, instead the thinking that is imbibed in all of you out there is a major reason of increasing Gender Inequality and all the hype created against the issue. As a matter of fact, a woman wearing fully-covered clothes(as you like to hear) is also raped or harrased or being weirdly stared at. Irrespective of whatever you are wearing, you are being tortured by the "so-called masculined traits", then how the hell does it really matter whether a woman is dressed up of your choice or of her own choice.
    By the way, this is really sad to know that people think, a woman dresses up to attract or distract people. Get some air people, why would a girl or a woman give so much importance as to what others think of her. At one point, the whole world is talking about 'Gender Equality' and other such fancy terms that I don't see people out there to be sensitized with and on the other end, everyday we encounter people with such belittle and narrow thoughts.
    Anyways this discussion can go on and on, I'd just like to sum up here that we should join our hands in creating safer, healthier and empowering spaces for women and girls to help them live with dignity and respect. Judging a particular section of society is not right as you are invading someone's personal space.
    P.S.- That's my personal opinion and I don't mean to argue with anyone here. Your thoughts may vary with mine but that's what my opinion is.

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    There is no denying the fact that skin exposure has at least one negative effect. It is the threat of mosquito bites. In the present scenario where dengue, malaria, chikungunya, dengi like diseases have become very common, it is perhaps better to wear full sleeves clothes without exposing any skin.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Happy to see someone take on the chauvinistic in our society. It is indeed disheartening to see the regressive views posted on a supposedly 'progressive' educational portal.

    Men continue to see women as a commodity and cannot see beyond their skin. These lectures on morality are such a double speak – narrow-mindedness is up on show when people act judgemental of every move of a free spirited, educated, open minded modern woman. It is time for men to understand how a woman chooses to dress is her prerogative. No, she is not obligated to dress to please her husband. She is not his slave. The clothes a woman wears is for her satisfaction alone – it should not be looked as a 'tool to attract/distract' – it should not be mistaken for loose morals, either. What is morally incorrect is ogling at a woman and fantasizing about her, just because a wee bit of skin is on display.

    Voicing opinions on how a woman should dress just goes to expose the deep-rooted fixation men have over controlling women. It is a misguided, rabid obsession of authority over women.

    If a woman's arms or her bare back is objectionable to men then the problem lies with them, not her. Why don't men practice restraint and self-control? They won't walk into a fire or jump into a well, just because it's there. They must learn to ignore anything that doesn't match their standards of decency.

    Women have been victims for centuries; it is only now that they are coming out into their own and men (sorry to state) are not comfortable accepting their independence. Stop judging women, instead concentrate on improving your own values, so you can stop seeing women as objects of desire. There is more to her personality, than just those bare arms, midriff and back – take away your gaze from her skin and shift your focus to what actually counts.

    A fool will always try to make sense of his nonsense!

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    We are usually comfortable in seeing and experiencing what we are already familiar with. Our inherent and natural attitude of resistance to change makes us uncomfortable when we see or experience even a small change. The only difference in this is the degree or the time gap for the resistance to manifest.

    I do not forget that there are certain percentages who are not affected by change and may happily welcome or adjust with change. Even those who resist fist also will become comfortable gradually if the change stays or persists or more people accept change.

    The sleevleless upper garments or exposure of shoulder is not anew thing. However it may be new for some people. In fact a few decades ago, the women were wearing short sleeved or even sleeveless upper garments and covering dresses. There was just a single cloth to cover the upper torso. But no one felt anything amusing or uncomfortable. It was taken as natural. My generation has seen elder grandmas moving topless and in single cloth draping lower half. No one had any qualms on that the grandma or grant aunt got the due respect given to a family elder or elder person in society.

    By going through the illustrations in old books and magazines, one can see that such dressings were common in those days. Many of the old sculptures also stand as pf for these. They were not looked down upon by anyone. Both men and women dressed in essential clothing. The farming community had long worn scanty and only essential clothes for the convenience of farm work.

    Probably it is after the foreign rule that we had changed many of our actions, responses and even presumptions. Today though people claim they are broadminded, actually they have become more parochial. Such people should try to know about Vyasa and Shuka-both rishis.

    I quote the relevant portion ( from the web site // )"When Suka passed past some bathing damsels, he took no notice of them nor they of him, though he was young and unmarried. When Vyasa followed behind Suka trying to catch up with him, the ladies hurriedly covered themselves up, though he was old and a rishi. Vyasa asked them why they took notice of an old man, when they took no notice of his young son. Then they explained that Suka was a Samadrik, a person who saw no difference between man and woman, but that Vyasa had not yet reached that stage."
    I think it is self explanatory.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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