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    How to edit article.

    I have submitted one article. this article i wrote some days back for some other site but letter i have not submitted . i have edited article accordingly but forgot to edit some part. how to edit article .
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    Anju - Your question is not clear enough to suggest a specific solution. In case the article is already submitted, then you may wait for editor's response. Otherwise, as far as I remember, you can edit your article even after submission by using the 'edit' button available under the title of the thread.

    However, in such cases the 'Advanced Options (Click to Show/Hide)' button available under 'Save and Continue' button at the bottom may be used to open the text box for leaving suitable message to the article editors.

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    Sir I have already submitted the article. Now I want to edit some part.

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    For every entry we submit in this site , there is always options available for the author to make corrections or additions by clicking the edit button available beside your name beneath the heading.
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    I have understood what the author wants to ask. Ms. Sharma: Go to your unpublished article. Under the title of your article, there is an 'edit' button. Click the button and you will be able to the editing. However, please do not forget to re-submit the article after editing, by clicking the button 'Article is ready to publish'.
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    Ms.Anju, I think you are clear now by the help provided by the members.My one small advice is to you that one week you learn the things by reading the responses, articles and help topic under the tab 'more'.You click down on more button,you will find help topic, click and read.
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    Anju - I happen to see one of your unpublished though submitted article in the 'New Posts'. It is seen that no HTML tags are used in headings/sub-headings. In this connection, I would like to share that most of us have struggled a lot initially in learning HTML tags. However, by repeated efforts and guidance offered by the article editors. one can learn it easily. Many helpful articles are available in the ISC resources regarding same. You can search such articles by using 'search' feature of ISC also. I have also written the following article on the subject matter -

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    I can not see any option. I'm attaching screen shot

    Delete Attachment

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    The Edit button is clearly visible. It is right next to the yellow star and before the 'Attachments' word. The Edit button is indicated by the image of the brown pencil on paper.

    Suggestions: Correct the grammar in the entire text, correct grammar in the title, take care of spacing before and after punctuation and between paragraphs, use h3 tags for headings. Otherwise the editor will shift your article to pending mode to make all these changes.

    Managing Editor,

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    In the sixth line from the top (counted from title), between the star symbol and attachment link, there is 'edit' button. Click on the same.
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    Thanx Vandana mam I will take care of all the things next time. What is H3?

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    H3 means < H3 > or 'Heading 3' tag used for inserting headings in the article. H2 tags are also used for inserting headings. The letter H stands for heading and the numeral 2 or 3 stands for size. H2 tags are meant for larger font size and H3 tags for smaller font size.

    Initially, it takes some time in learning HTML tags. Please read the article referred at my post #579082 above which has a link to other resources also.

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    In layman's language h3 or H3 command is given for sub-para heading. I am trying to give a simple example:-

    If you are writing an article, for every para, you should use h2 command. As for example:

    Benefits of milk

    . Within this para, if you want to give sub-heading, you will use h3 command in this manner:

    Benefits of milk for old people


    I hope I could clarify the concept.

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