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    What subjects people dislike more as a student?

    The students have to study many subjects at various stages. Many students dislike mathematics more whereas few others don't like history. Even amongst science subjects, students don't have equal preference for biology, physics or chemistry.

    Perhaps because the typical nomenclature used in botany and zoology, few students treat these subjects as subjects requiring rote learning.

    What were your favorite as well as hate-list subjects as a student?
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    Till my 10th standard i hated all subjects equally but english was on top in my hate list. Once i choose commerce in my 11th i loved all the subjects exception is again english. Till now now Accountancy is on top for liking , other subjects which i liked during my CA studies were costing and finance.

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    As a student, I loved General Mathematics but hated the Algebra, whereas my better half is good at Algebra, Another tough subject I hated was 'Electricity and Magnetism' a subject I had passed to get promoted.
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    Initially, I used to like all the subjects and the only specific subjects used to be the ones that I liked more, but none in the list of disliked subjects. Even teachers of some subjects were humiliating and scary, but I never let them become a reason for disliking any subject. I used to remain pretty curious to read my chapters myself, make questions and to find answers from guest teachers, parents, uncles, relatives in different ways.

    Later, I started hating mathematics and it continued. When there was a time to opt for stream and subjects, I was in a huge dilemma. I was being forced by relatives who had appeared from nowhere to force me to take Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, however I was really naive to decide anything. All I was aware was about the presence of Mathematics, which I hated. Similarly, when the applications of maths came in complex chapters of physics and chemistry, I hated those chapters these subjects as well. To ensure I don't get fed up, I had chosen Computer Science as an extra subject to survive the trauma of other hated subjects.

    Sometimes, I feel, life could have been better and peaceful if I had opted for Arts stream. Sadly, this stream is not well liked by our families and the people around. This may have been a reason why our school did not have an option for students to choose Arts stream. I also have a diploma in commerce subjects which helps me understand a little about commerce and to chat with one of my friend who is a commerce student.

    Coming back into the real life where these subjects are actually applied and thought about, I know myself as somebody who is immensely interested in science but not in those freaky calculations that computers do better and faster. I still miss the arts subjects that I could never have. Actually, I have been a student of computer science since then and now.

    By sharing the above details, my intention was to make it clear that after crawling through various subjects including that of biology, commerce, computer science, I guess only the chapters of mathematics were the most boring. I don't intend to disrespect the subject, but I guess its complexities were not meant for me. I am happier in doing other things and studying other subjects than getting highly educated in mathematics.

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    As a school student I had not given much interest to any subject. However, I used to get more marks in Science and Mathematics. Of course, I was liking my mother tongue, Malayalam, classes.
    However, when I reached college I started showing more interest in certain subjects. Mathematics was getting priority. Physics was also interesting. Of course, in those days the first year in college was meant for introducing almost all subjects. It was a one year programme called Pre-University. After completing that successfully, one can go for degree programme. Seeing the marks obtained in different subjects my Principal as well as the Department Head asked me to join for Mathematics degree (B.Sc) course. There were two subsidiary subjects to be taken together with Mathematics Main. Physics and Chemistry were those courses. I was not happy with Chemistry, but I had no option.
    Luckily after one week of starting the classes, Professor announced that a new subsidiary course had been sanctioned by the University. It was 'Statistics' as a full subsidiary. I opted for it leaving Chemistry and Physics. By this time I understood that Mathematics was my favorite subject. I could come out successfully in the degree programme with this choice of subjects.(I even got a Gold Medal for being the topper in the college among all degree students). When I looked back I understood I was liking Mathematics from my school days itself.

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    Having interest in a particular subject is always guided by good teaching methods and the understanding level of the student. Till 10th class we have to give equal importance to all the subjects irrespective our likes or dislikes. Yes I do agree that we are always comfortable with some subjects and that does not mean that we does not like other subjects. During my experience I always found that maths, physics and chemistry are the toughest subjects for many. And I am also seeing some students getting less marks in English. If one scores all good marks and less English marks , surely the ranking would be affected. So what I am stressing here that a student has to give equal importance to all the subjects and if he feels he is weak in a particular subject, proper preparations or rehearsal be done in that subject only to cope up the loss. Even languages should be given equal importance.
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    During my childhood, I was extremely afraid of Biology and Geography. Both subjects carried 100 marks each in West Bengal Board, unlike CBSE where Biology is a part of Science and Geography is part of Social Science. Thanks to the suggestions of the teachers in school and systematic study consulting question papers, I good marks in Xth Board exam. in these two subjects also.

    Gradually with the passage of time, I do find some portions of Biology and Geography interesting, and read books on these subjects. However, even today, I find Botany and Physical Geography boring.

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    As I from ICSE board, my favourite subjects were Biology, geography and Environmental studies. I like them to read curiously and I was very much excited to know the marks of this subjects especially than other subjects, and whereas about my hate list, I hate mathematics and history the most, till class five Mathematics was my favourite subjects but as the time passes it started creating pressure on my mind and thus created a strong reason for disliking this subject and history, to remember the occasion dates were so difficult that I even forgot my 16th birthday, its true it really happens to me.
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    From my childhood I love to listen to the historical stories, war happenings, culture and architecture style of various countries and so I have a personal interest towards History. The other subjects which I love the most are Tamil,English and Environmental Science.The subjects which I hate the most are Maths and Botany because I have an allergy towards the numbers and the botanical names. Other than the basic school subjects, the Engineering subjects which I hate the most are Engineering Graphics, Engineering Mechanics, Wireless Networks and Embedded Systems.

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    As far as I guess, the student's likings and disliking in particular subjects depend primarily on the likings and disliking of the subjects of their teachers. A good teacher always has the capacity to kindle interest of the students in any subject by adopting proper teaching methods.
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    I never disliked any subject intentionally. Though I hold a good position in my class during school days, a subject especially Sanskrit was disliked by me. I could not get even a single statement in Sanskrit. Every concept goes over my head. So, I used to mug up every statement for scoring good in exams. Another subject which was liked by me was Mathematics. Upto 10th, it was fine but after the entry of Integration and Differentiation it became worse for me. Geography was most liked by me as I used to explore more and more. I love travelling and finding new tourism places so I had good interest in Geography till now.
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    I was a sincere listner of the teachers and there was no question of liking or disliking of the subjects being taught by them but gradually I felt if the attitudes of the teachers are harsh, the subjects according to me proved to be boring ultimately. So ultimately Sanskrit was the subject which I disliked from my inner core my heart though later I felt the subject was not as bad as my teacher who rebuked me every time while answering any question raised by him. However, I heard from other circles that he was one of the rarest Jems in that subject and had many prizes to his credit for his unique contribution.
    In the college - days, I came in contact with the professor of organic - chemistry and the style with which he taught us made me distracted with the subject. Later, I could develop interst with this subject with my self - study and even secure high marks in Chemistry including the organic - one.

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