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    What role the lokpal will play in India.

    Sweden 1809, Finland 1919, Norway 1960, New Zealand 1962, Mauritius 1966, UK1967
    Sweden-there are two officers of this status one for civil and the other for military administration. They are the nominees of parliament.Parliamentary commissioner of UK- has independent status like CAG. He cannot entertain complains directly from the citizen. It must come through a member of house commans.ARC recommended for the est. of the office ombudsmen India.India passed the bill in 2013 for the appointment of lokpal. Still the Lokpal is not appointed. what role the role lokpal will play?
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    Lokpal is an anti-corruption authority. The Lokpal is supposed to look into corruption charges at the national level and the Lokayukta is supposed to perform the same function at the state level.

    Lokpal's jurisdiction will cover all categories of public servants. However, the Indian Army, the Indian Air Force and the Indian Navy have been kept out of the jurisdiction of the Lokpal.

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    As the corruption cases are increasing day by day with magnitude of big scams and series of them are baffling the government and the people. Therefore there is a need to control the graft and thus Lokpal institution is formed and that will look into the corruption charges and way to counter it at every step of government functioning. Though corruption at higher level may be ending sooner or later, the lower ranks are not bothered about police, vigilance , camera or disciplinary actions. They are guarded by unions and rights bestowed by human rights commission by virtue of their caste. Thus corruption cannot be rooted out even by Lokpal fully.
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    The concept of 'Lokpal' has been derived from Swedish 'Ombudsman' who can investigate complaints against public authorities. In India, ' Lokpal' is supposed to look into corruption charges at the national level and' Lokayukta' is supposed to perform same function at state level. Armed Forces have been kept outside the purview of 'Lokpal'.
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