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    Opinion about the trait theory of leadership.

    The weaknesses of charismatic leadership theory gave way to a more realistic approach leadership. Under the influence of the behavior is realistic psychological thought, researchers accepted the fact that leadership traits are not completely inborn but Can be acquired through learning and experience. Trait is defined as relatively enduring ability of an individual. The trait approach seeks to determine 'what makes a successful leader' from the leader's own personal characteristics.Express your opinion about the trait theory of leadership?
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    A basic prerequisite of becoming a leader is to have followers. I think from this point of view the traits of followers matter more than the personality traits of the leader. Having people with a herd mentality like the voters of India makes it easy for a shrewd individual to become a popular political leader. Here the personality trait requirement is to be shrewd and manipulative.
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    As the author said in his content that Trait is defined as relatively enduring ability of an individual, that proves that if one wanted to be a leader he must set an example of oratory speech, speaking instantly on any topic, having the dig at opponents of their every success and thus being in limelight with whole some followers. A leader without followers is nothing. And those who have formidable followers are always the winners. There are leaders, who have followers but never win the hearts of the voters. That means his followers fail to understand him and the voters missed the opportunity of a good leader.
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