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    Why height is considered as one of the preferences while selecting a life partner?

    Girls want their life partner to be taller than them and boys want their life partner to be shorter than them. People give more importance to height. The qualities and the external appearance differ from person to person. Character plays a major role in marriage, but people give more importance to the external appearances. In specific, many people give top priority to their height preference while selecting a life partner.

    Why height is considered as one of the preferences while selecting a life partner? Does height really matters in a relationship or in a partner selection?

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    The height of an individual is an indicator of two key welfare factors, the nutrition and the health. It indicates the standard of living and quality of life of the individual concerned. Chronic malnutrition during childhood or adolescence invariably results in reduced growth in height even without an existence of any medical condition.

    There are many conventions which we are following since ages even without bothering for scientific explanations about the same as such conventions are time tested over a very long duration. Women with heights under 150 cm are likely to have a small pelvis which may result in complications during the childbirth. Earlier, experienced people used to evaluate the persons while matchmaking on the basis of observations of the physical body. A well-rounded figure of women was considered a fit body for normal and natural procreation in future.

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    Women are expected to be submissive to their hubbies. Also, in general, a good women is expected to look down the earth when they come across any men. And they are always expected to look up their husband for each and everything. Hence they need to be shorter than their husband to look up their husbands. Husbands are required to look down and care their wives. Hence they need to have a good height to look down their wives. It is said that the wife should be up to the shoulder height of her husband.

    My response might look funny, but is the fact.

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    Not only hight their is so many criteria our society set how thier daughter in law expected to look. External beauty given lot more importance than behaviour, personality and fair look in our socity. I have a friend who is taller than her husband they makes perfect pair. I seen my uncle while searching girl for his son he rejected some girls because some are extra tall some are short. I found it stupid rather we must give importance to person not to thier hight and fairness. It is I guess on going practice so everyone is following and no one is ready to go against traditional practice.

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    There are two factors which we see and ensure while fixing a alliance between a boy and the girl. The height and the age. The age of the boy should be more than the girl, at least two or three years and even more. and the height of the boy must be more than the girl. In our custom the girl should not walk up right like a boy. She must bend her head and walk with elegance. And the most important factor is that when a girl want to hug the boy during her joyful moment in the life he must able to keep her face on his chest, That would be the perfect height and the girl would feel that height of her secure with the boy.
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    Researches have shown that even now there is an inherent trait of selecting a suitable partner who can 'care and secure' the female's life. This has been handed over in the evolution chain. Height is seen (involuntarily and voluntarily) as an extra endowment and indirect establishment of superiority over enemies and ability to protect. As far as this ancestral evolutionary streak is there, such selection parameters can be there. The inherent trait traces is also for the need for a good progeny. Modernity has also has still not able to fully erase the involuntary manifestation of these traits .

    Males also have certain counter selection parameters due the same reason.

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    Height is a virtue and shortness is vice.Every body wants good things.A beautiful heart lies in a beautiful body. This is my personal experience, As#579232 rightly said in his comment.There should be a ratio between boy and the girl and the difference in the height 5 to 6" is acceptable.More gap does not look good.
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    Men and women are built differently. Take a look at men and women of any ethnicity and you will notice that men are generally taller than women. Since, men on an average are taller than women; it has become an accepted norm for the man to be taller and the woman to be shorter, even in a marriage. Society just maintains the general standard.
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    Generally in every community all over the world, the male has more height than female. Now this has become a norm in marriage. When the height of the woman(wife) is more than that of a man (husband), it looks odd, but such cases can be seen nowadays everywhere. If the couple can adjust, so do the neighbours.
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    In India, generally, the average height of males from the state of Kerala, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir and Punjab is more.
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