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    What should one do when he sees that a person is living in a railway land ?

    I have seen a person who is rich, but his intentions are not good, he has a liquor shop and where he is selling liquor that land belongs to railway and he is selling liquor from 8 years and distracting the youth on a wrong path. So, I need a suggestion from you all that should I do to let railway know that this person is selling liquor and he has a shop on your land, and misusing his land for wrong deeds, So, the railway workers come and break his shop and rescue young generation from going into wrong path.
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    I think railways may be knowing about the fact and the possibility of connivance of railway employees can be ruled out entirely.

    Railways are perhaps one of the the biggest landlords of India and a sizeable portion of its land is encroached by many people directly or indirectly. While travelling in a train we often see scenes of railway land encroached on either side of the railway track by unauthorised hutments or slum clusters etc. In the Bandra suburb of Mumbai alone railway has squatters on Rs.5000 crore land.

    The liquor shops generally have political patronage also. For making a complaint, full identity of the complainant including the contact details is require to be revealed failing which complaints are filed and no action is initiated.

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    I just want to know to whom do I call or complain, I mean is there any official to catch in this matter.
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    You may visit the website of the railway ministry to find out the grievance redressal mechanism which is generally provided at the website of each ministry.
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    Railways lands should not be encroached and those who does that are liable to legal actions and that includes imprisonment and confiscating the property. Normally Railway Board is always having the list of encroachers across the Railway zones in the country. You can lodge a complaint with General Manager of particular Railway in which the land is encroached and thus action would be taken. Otherwise take the snap shot of the business being done from your phone and upload the image to the General Manager office through the social media and thus the action would be taken.

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