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    Are you affected or do you influence others?

    There are three types of people in this world, those who influence others, those who get affected by orher's decisions and the third who remain neutral in both sides. People who influence others have knowledge, confidence and winning skills of interpersonal relationships to affect the other people's lives. The second category don't take their decisions alone and get easily swayed and affected by others who they admire or are forced to follow. The third category remain quiet and do not get affected nor try to influence others. Which category do you belong to? Add more categories dear members.
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    I'm a person of 1st and 3rd catagory . I do least get affected by others. But if someone's personality is really impressive then I do get inspired . My younger sister's and brothers get influenced by me . I try to take my own decisions instead of relying on others to take decisions for me.

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    Perhaps even a single scale may serve the purpose of a qualitative indicator as quantifying such matters may not be feasible. Imagine a 0 to 10 scale in which a '0' indicates nil self-reliance and the number '10' indicates 100% self-reliance. On this scale, we can compare the degree of dependence of people on others.

    Generally, there are likely to be very few persons who have a score of 10 on self-reliance as they do get influenced by few people in their life. Most of the people get influenced by their children, parents and spouses depending on in which age band they are living.

    However, we can find comparatively more people who have a '0' score and get influenced by others.

    The Indian voters are a typical example of such people with a '0' score as they generally don't apply their mind while casting their votes.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I am either a person who get affected or influenced by others. I am simply on my own terms and probably others get cue from me. Right from my childhood, I am a different lot in my family. When other children used to enjoy their life during their teens, I tool family responsibility and started earning for it. When the age came for my own marriage, I proffered to wait for good opportunity and finally when I was about to get a good chance , fate taken away the very moment from me and thus remained disillusioned and helpless though there are many influential people gone through my life.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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