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    How women's perfumes are different than men's perfumes?

    I sometimes use fragrances or perfumes, generally, while dressing for attending a social party. On each occasion, I am reminded by my wife to check that I am using only men's perfume. To be candid, I don't know and understand the reasons behind existence to two types of perfumes - one for men and another for women. Is it not enough, if the perfumes smell good and camouflage likely foul odor due to excessive sweating etc. in the outdoor parties.

    Please enlighten me more about the subject matter. Is there any additional purpose of wearing perfumes than to suppress the possible bad odor?

    How to know if a particular perfume is good or not? Is price tag the only criteria?

    Also, how women's perfumes are different than men's perfumes?
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    What I understand that those perfumes with alcohol presence are used by the men with strong pungent of fragrance and those which is made from the flower essence are used by the women.
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    Mohan Ji - With due respect to you, I don't find your elucidation agreeable.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    With my very limited knowledge about perfumes, I can state that male perfumes tend to be fresh while female perfume tend to be floral or fruity. However, with the passage of time, the distinction is getting blurred and unisex perfumes are increasingly occupying the market space.
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    Womens' perfumes are more flowery and fruity. They are sweeter smelling. Mens' perfumes have a distinctive musky, woody fragrance. Going by the smell, it is easy to tell the difference. If not check the label on the bottle.
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