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    Is there any relationship between political science and politics?

    Political science is a subject studied by many in the humanities stream. Many people select this subject for preparing in prestigious competitive examinations like civil services examination etc.

    Language wise there appears to be a direct relationship between the words 'politics' and 'political'. However, my basic question is as to whether there is any relationship between political science and politics?

    Do studying political science is likely to help in adopting politics as a career?

    Also, why politics is not taught as an academic course in the universities etc.?

    What are your comments in this regard?
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    Political science is the subject which deals with plans and programs of how to manage a government and how to be give constructive suggestion to the government. Normally a politician get elected and he does not know the intricacies of how to run the government, It is the battery of bureaucracy of secretaries and assistants who give suggestions and also help in tasks of the government. A politician can occupy the seat with managing muscle and money power during election , but it is the officials who play main role in governance. That is why when ever new government about to take over, we find IAS officers , IPS officers and IFS officers lobbying for plum posts.
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    The Chanakya Institute of Public Leadership under a special project in collaboration with the department of philosophy, University of Mumbai had launched a rigorous skill-based training program of one-year duration for aspiring politicians . It was different that the usual political science course.
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    Mr. Kailash Kumar first you define the political science and the politics according to your understanding. As per me they are the two face of same coin. Without studying political science how one can become a good leader.Do you aspect without studying public administration some one (IAS)can become a good and efficient administrator.Politics is the applied political science,means the application of theories and knowledge gain in political science.
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    By political science, I mean the qualification of the faculty of the political science department of a university or a college whereas by politics I mean what Lalu Ji or Nitish Kumar practices while communicating with the journalists.
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    Political Science isn't just limited to what they teach in universities or colleges. Political Science is a whole branch of how the administration and Government work. Political Science, according to me, is a nexus between a citizen and the system governing that citizen.
    Politics, on the other hand, is how that system works for the citizen.

    Politics 'should be' a social work, but it's more like a profession and Political Science is the social structure, but it's more like a University/College/UPSC's easiest subject these days!

    In India: Democracy is the political structure. Parliamentary form of Government is the offspring of this structure and Politics is what Lalu hi or Nitish Kumar, or even Modi ji do (Politics isn't a negative concept).


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    *Read that as 'Lalu Ji', since I can't edit the post.

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    Shatakshi - What about 'office politics' or what people practice in different organizations?
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    Office Politics is a loose term. Politics, originally, means the social order, which consists of the Governemnt and law and order of a state. Political Science deals with nations and their Governments. Politics, being a part of Political Science, is what happens within a 'state', that is, an area on Earth, with a definite territory, stable population and a recognized Government.
    Politics in a vague manner means any adventure to get powerful or to raise one's status in a community.

    What people practise in organizations or what they call as 'office politics' is not actually politics. They just form groups and conspire to get promotions or other benefits.


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    Yes, I thumbs up forMs. Shatakshi . You better understand the political science and politics.
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