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    Will the use of fax machines continue?

    Nowadays, the erstwhile telex machines are as dead as a dodo. Many of the ISCians of the younger generation are likely to have never seen a telex machine. So, my first question is as to whether you have physically seen a telex machine or not?

    Next, comes the Fax machines which are still in use. On websites of almost all organizations, we can still find mention of their fax numbers. However, with the advent of emails, people are switching over to emailing scanned copies of the documents instead of transmitting the same on Fax.

    Fax machines have one advantage that the recipients need not open the mail, download the document and take a printout.

    Do you use Fax machines? Will the use of fax machines continue?
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    Yes when i was working in Delhi between 1980-85 in a Jeans factory, I was using the telex machine often as we used to get the message from the shipping agents and also others. Fax machines were also used extensively that time. Now they have become non functional and not required. As the technology progress we have to embrace the latest one and get rid of things. Same would be the case of cell phones. Now is the craze for 4G connectivity and soon it may increase to 5 or 6 G and that time the present customers would switch over to new technology. So we are forced to follow the technology.
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    Fax machines are still there in some Government offices, but the usage has been reduced.Previously, people used fax machines extensively, but nowadays email is used widely. As the technology is improving, the people are gradually switching to the latest communication methods. The present generation kids are not even aware of the fax machines and its usage, the same case will continue in the future also. At present, many Government offices in India are having fax machines but are not using fax widely and most importantly the fax machines in many offices are in repair condition. But in the future, fax machines will disappear from the Government offices and the future generation kids will not even get a chance to see the fax machines. Technology is ruling the entire world and we are slaves for technology.

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    When a newer and more convenient fancily comes the earlier one slowly vanishes rom existence.
    As texts and images can be sent by email and other facilities like WhatsApp ore faster and under privacy and less cost, FAX gets replaced. It is almost not used in most of the places where it was earlier used.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    I have never seen fax machine during my articleship days but never used. And I started working in 2013 by that time it totally got replaced by other mediums. And new technology is faster than old messaging techniques so I don't feel we have need to use telex machine any more.

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