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    Why most of the abuses and cuss words aimed at women?

    As we all know, people in India specially in north India like to use some abuses at each other when angry, which is generally aimed at mothers/sisters of each other. Why do people only target women? Why don't they fight with same person whom they are talking to?

    Also, I don't know who invented these useless words, but surely it is not fair to use such words against women who are not even involved in the fight. These days even in Bollywood movies these words are becoming more common. What do you think?
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    Fighting is an animal instinct for survival and since humans are also animals they sometimes fight with each other. Fights may be between two males or between a male and a female.

    When other animals fight they use only brute physical force e.g. when two oxen fight. However, humans being evolved and civilised, their personalities fight instead of only their physical bodies. The personality means their social status also. Humans having a verbal ability, use that capability also in condemning the opponent.

    Unfortunately, women were regarded as men's property only in the past as they were totally dependent on them. During wars etc. women also used to be looted besides gold, diamonds, horses and cows etc.

    The cuss words or swear words like derogatory words used during verbal fights are aimed at condemning, insulting and threatening the opponents.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Who says that the cuss words are generally aimed at women? It is totally a wrong presumption. Generally males use cuss-words, although females are also strongly progressing towards gender equality in this direction. As an informal student of Philology and Linguistics, I have heard various colourful cuss-words from females (mainly from lower strata of the society) describing different types of males, the details of which is not possible to be divulged in this platform.
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