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    Possibility of terror attack in Kolkata, Are you terrorized?

    The Airport Intelligence Unit or AIU has recently received a mail on possibility of terror attacks in various localities of Kolkata. I would like to hear from all ISCians as how terrorized they get, when they hear such things on national television or read in newspapers? In such cases I generally avoid travelling through metros or local trains. Is there any special precautions that you take during this time?
    In fact, I get terrorized when such reports come about any city or state is scrutinized for terror attacks. Do you feel the same way? Or you don't give importance to such reports, when they are not about your city or locality? Please share your candid views.
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    The frequent terror attacks on different parts of India have made Indians philosophical towards such activities. Indians now take this as a part of their existence. They are no more terrorised. Now time has come to terrorise the terrorists and their sympathisers within and outside the country. Let's pay them back in the same coin. Let's speak the language which they understand, the language of violence. Indians must prepare themselves mentally for this purpose.
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    As a matter of fact, the people are required to be always on alert even if no such advisory is issued. Once on the road, we are always exposed to various kinds of threats and dangers. The sad figure of 400 deaths per day in India is far more than the deaths due to the terrorist attacks.

    In metro cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi etc. people cannot afford to restrict themselves within the confines of their homes even after issue of alerts etc. Such advisories are issued during almost all important festivals and such other important occasions.

    In India, people believe in divine intervention to save them.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    This type of new really affect me . More then me my parents get restless as I stay in different city for job and they in home town.
    Still we can not be at home whatever the news comes we have to go out for work.

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    It is obvious that it will bring fear in any person who eve read expectation of such attacks in their locality.
    Definitely everybody should take some precautions, should stay alert and inform local police station if you found any suspicious person or things near by you, ( although there is chance of lot of false complain at local police station). Still as you mentioned I would do the same thing, like not travelling to mob, will use my own bike or car for travelling. Until Government declare the risk free zone or the issue is sort out.

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    I agree with Mr. Kumar that more people are killed everyday than terrorizing activities. Even then the terrorist attack of Taj hotel and many other such incidents in India is still fresh in our minds.
    I would like to ask Anju what precautions does she take while going and coming back home from job. Since you are a working woman and away from home, you must have imbibed some newer strategies to be safe while being away from your parents care. Please share it with us.

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