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    Whether you want to be a complainer or pioneer?

    It is my open question to students of this country after seeing themselves participating more in strikes instead of attending the college and classes. There is an enormous proof about the Indian students' participation during Telangana State Formation Movement, 2016 JNU Sedition Controversy, deadly protests in Kashmir after Hizbul leader Burhan Wani's killing, and recent Cauvery issue at Bengaluru. It's my appeal to Indian students not just to waste their valuable time in such activities by adjourning their classes and exams. Many of them are just kids who jump in the herd of sheep without knowing anything about the fact, just by some old political prejudiced students of their region. If you're unaware of things, but must think about your nation and your family before engaging in such remonstrations by asking yourself whether you want to be a complainer or pioneer once in your life.
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    Definitely everybody wants to be a pioneer in his/her own field, but very few have the ability to be pioneers. Everybody doesn't have the ability to be Subhash Chandra Bose. Most of us remain followers throughout life. Students must think about the nation. All the rights are being provided by the nation and nation's constitution. Without the nation, there is no concept of right.
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    The students constitute a large vote bank after reduction of voting age from 21 years to 18 years. As a matter of fact, the decision to reduce the voting age was targetted at roping in the students in the non-academic pursuits. That way, it was a mistake of the policy makers.

    There is always a core group of serious students who remain unaffected by the developments outside their academic world and continue to focus on their studies. Few of only such students later excel in academics and enter the glorious world of high achievers.

    The remaining students are simply a 'vanar sena'. They jump into any non-academic activity with batting an eyelid, be it political protest or a picnic at an exotic location.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Kailash Sir it is very true that due to some 'vanar sena' the whole organization gets ruined. As we know students are the future of country, if we encounter such issues then we can say due to some students our academic image gets devastating and many students get losts their path also. What we can say and do for them those who knowingly or unconsciously take participate in such races? It is really a matter of concern for us.
    Naresh Kumar
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    The parents may try their best to raise their children in such a manner since very beginning that they are able to differentiate as to what is important from the point of view of their future life and career and what is not. Nobody else can be blamed.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In student age people do get easily influenced by other. This are some student who want to enter in to polices or what only god knows but they ruin the classes for all the students. Instead of doing all this students must concentrate on career. And parents should give high moral values to their kids so they get least infused by such kind of environment .

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    What I presume and be sure that those who are performer wont be a complainer but cast a spell with their work and results and thus stands as the pioneer to others for emulate. Students are the most confused lots now. Not knowing the influence of the unions on their studies and career later , they jump into strikes and violent activities and thus get bad repute to the University, state and also their own . Parents must prevail on their children to give them good advise against participation in such strike. There is nothing wrong to protest , but that should not be at the cost of their education.
    K Mohan
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