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    Captivate others with a smile, dress well to avoid rave comments

    Now a days behaving in public has become important for all of us as we should not show our stress or bad moment to others instead we have to behave in such a way that they must feel like captivating our attitude and that needs our smiling face too. Likewise we should dress in such a way that instead of getting good complements we end up getting rave comments. So selecting right dress for the right occasion also matters and choosing the right color of dress is more important. Many people dress in way to arrest our attention and their smile win our heart instantly.
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    A very simple but sound advice from Mr. Mohan! But the million-dollar question is how many of us would follow this simple advice to make our life simple. We ourselves make our life complicated.
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    Only people with a shallow demeanour tend to flash or flaunt. Nowadays, many people are becoming rich instantly without any commensurate effort e.g. by selling their land to the builder.

    Only a few days I came to know about a farmer in a Noida village who had bought a car worth Rs. 80 lakh for plying the same on the rural roads because he had nothing better to do after receiving several crores of rupees in lieu of acquisition of his land by the Government for certain project.

    Earlier the wealthy people used to deliberately don very simple clothes while appearing in courts or even in presence of any Government official in connection with their business related work.

    One should wear smile essentially while interacting with others.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    @ K mohan sir you are right. But in this universe we have billions of people with millions of mind and thoughts. It is not easy or same for every one. As there is a Bollywood movie released this week ( PINK), which shows how the society reacting with girls behavior and attitude.
    As you stated that smile face, but some dirty mind people will granted it as a permission to talk or misbehave with them, yes this is true that dressing sense should be there, although some girls saying in democracy country they have rights to wear anything, but it definitely hamper the mind of a person. As there is myth that Rishi viswamitra also diverted because of Apsara

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