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    Cannot browse with Vodafone Datacard while roaming

    Hi. I have this problem with Vodafone data card. I have a Mumbai sim. While in the Mumbai network, the device selects 3G or HSPA and I can access the internet and browse. When I move outside Mumbai and connect to my desktop, the device selects Vodafone India Edge. After I connect, the status is shown as connected to internet, yet I cannot browse. In both cases (Mumbai and outside Mumbai) the signal is excellent.
    What seems to be the problem? Can sm1 help me to sort it out please?
    ps. Its a locked Vodafone zte k3770 dongle.
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    You better contact your customer support team, some time although there is good signal but as you are on roaming you might need to change some access to get good signal and speed. They will help you better by guiding you what to do to get higher Internet speed.

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    Connect your data card with laptop and go to the data card settings. There wil be an option 'connect when roaming'. Tick it there and try again.
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    One thing you can do is in settings change the option to roaming. In most cases while changing settings it will start working. Second contact customer care they will guide you properly in this regard.

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    In settings under 'Data' look for 'roaming'. Have it selected or ticked. Then allow for automatic network selection. Normally it should solve your problem.
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    You can change the setting and chose the option for roaming. In most of the cases, changing setting helps.
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    Thanks all of you for quick response.
    I connected my modem yesterday outside my home network (Mumbai) to try some of the suggestions above. The network detected was HSPA - the signal strength was weak (single tower as opposed to 5) and I was able to browse the net albeit a slow connection. I did not change any setting. I changed the location of the laptop/datacard within the flat to get a better signal. On reconnecting again - the signal was excellent (5 towers) the best connection detected was ' Vodafone India Edge' - connected - status shown was connected to internet, yet I could not browse.
    I think I better contact the customer support as advised (before fiddling with settings) and find what exactly is going on. Or maybe get another sim for Maharashtra and Goa circle and verify if the problem replicates if I use the sim in Mumbai.
    Thanks a bunch fellows.

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