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    Why it is considered offensive to say - 'I love you' to strangers?

    Is love a hate word? Perhaps without any iota of doubt, it is not. It is also well settled that love, brotherhood and camaraderie should be promoted universally without any bias on the basis of caste, creed, religion, region or gender discrimination.

    Then, why it is considered offensive to say - 'I love you' to strangers?

    I presume that people often feel like expressing their such emotions when they observe certain people excelling in a certain field or performing certain wonderful tasks etc. Such emotions occur naturally for a fellow human being for his distinctive and singular achievements.

    Have you ever felt like expressing such emotions i.e. saying - 'I love you' to even a stranger and in case so then how you coped up with the situation?
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    Instead of saying " I love you" in general terms , we may say " I love your personality; I love your style; I love your talk ; I love your eyes etc. Simple 'I love you' means that the person likes the other person as a whole which gives a wrong sense. Therefore, it is not advisable to say 'I love you' to a stranger.
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