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    Don't shout! Wait patiently for the opportunity to pay back!

    Yesterday at dawn, four 'fidayen' terrorists from our neighbouring hell entered the 20 Brigade HQ (administrative base) at Uri. They used incendiary grenades which caused a blast in the diesel room instantly killing many soldiers who were sleeping in the nearby tents. After a short gun-battle, these four 'fidayen's have been sent to their creator.

    The LoC at Uri is such that it is difficult to stop infiltration. The border is running in a zig-zag manner in this area. Many people don't have much idea about the topography of the region and they are blaming the Govt. and the defence forces for not stopping infiltration. Some people are shouting to immediately start punitive action.

    My humble advice to those friends: Please don't shout! Wait patiently for the right opportunity to pay back. The barbaric country will have to pay- the people of the country will have to pay with BLOOD.
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    The thought provoking thread raised by the author triggers few questions. If the general public members like our own ISCians are aware of the unique topography of the terrain, then why the army brass is not aware of the same as evident by getting caught unawares in the unfortunate incidence.

    Do we lack in technology about studying topography or we don't take the things seriously because of our ignorance? How, the terrorists become able to enter the camp and reach up to such a sensitive installation like the diesel room.

    Once, it is well settled that the terrain is harsh and inhospitable, then necessary resources should be made available to the defence forces and the persons responsible for breach of the security measures should be taken to task.

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    It is really a serious issue. As whole country is aware of conditions of Kashmir then security of that area must be priority. When since several months same issue is going on that time proper action could have been taken. As we saw in some western countries they take action against all terrorist attacks very promptly.
    In our country main problem is if government take very any strict action some groups of people start saying about human rights this that. Why people don't understand to the person they are trying to save he already killed some innocent humans . He doesn't deserve this special treatment. When SC order for Kasab to hang in neighbors country people started protest against India. They are the same people who says they are struggling with terrorism as INDIA, then why you are trying to save them.
    India should not take security issues so lightly. I understand it is easy to discuss things then taking correct actions .

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    Latest update: Sepoy K Vikas Janardhan succumbs to injuries at R&R Hospital, New Delhi. Let's keep account of every death. We have to settle the account later.
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    #579238: During last 7 days, there have been 12 infiltration attempts in that area, 10 attempts have been unsuccessful. For information of Mr. Kailash Kumar. At the same time, please remember that similar infiltration can be done from Indian side also due to peculiar topography of Uri region. No further comment in this regard.
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    It was just another cowardice action by those terrorist. If they are so eager to fight with our army, I am surprised why not they come face to face and do it? I am just controlling my words and only say that our Army men's hand are tied, the day it will get open and make them free, everything which happened so far will be get settled.
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    I do not understand your appeal. Why wait? Why be patient? Our men are dead. Our soil has been attacked. How many more attacks and deaths do we need before we decide it is time to payback? There is no better time than the present. Do not our martyrs deserve a reaction? Should their deaths go in vain? Do we not owe this to them and their families?

    I have been watching the debates on television. Many of those who have been 'shouting' for punitive action belong to the armed forces. They know the terrain better than anyone sitting in the North/South Blocks in Delhi. They know the conditions that our soldiers have to live in, while protecting the country. They feel the pain, because the loss is more theirs than anyone else's.

    We lost a dear friend to one such attack many years ago. It is no consolation to hear mere words that we will avenge the deaths.

    A fool will always try to make sense of his nonsense!

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    But how long is the wait to be. We have been waiting for a change in attitude of that rogue country but it wont budge. The highlight of the happening is that Pakistan is denying its role in Uri attack. What ever it is the blood pressure of ordinary people raising high because the government is making only statements and not punitive actions. Even I have tweeted to the PM that train me with weapons and I shall strike the enemy country with all force. Like me many are burning with desire to take action immediately. When Modi was in opposition, he was demanding action on Pakistan, now BJP is in power then why action not forth coming.
    K Mohan
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    Yes, Indian government should plan to take action.What type of planning and what action to be taken, to decide PM should call a meeting.There should be discussion in the presence of all stake holders.some of the action required are-
    1.Declare the Pak as an enemy country.
    2.Declare the Pak as a terrorist country in coming security council meeting of UNO.
    3.Plan for surgical strikes in POK on the terrorist camps.
    4.Augment the army on Pakistan border.
    5.Be prepare for a full fledged war with Pakistan.

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    The basic question is can India declare a war against Pakistan? Perhaps, not. Then what is the use of ranting about the subject matter? By entering into warfare, all the developmental processes will have to be put to an end and a large chunk of resources will have to be burnt on the front in the form of ammunitions and the likely deaths and maiming of the soldiers will be phenomenal.
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    #579257: Mrs. Juana: I appeal to all not to shout. I appeal to all to remain silent, wait for the opportunity and strike with full ferocity-like a tiger. A tiger never roars before the attack.
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    Mr. kailash Kumar Ji, should india keep on loosing its soldiers daily in counter terrorism operations.there should be the action against the Pakistan. Development secondry things first is self respect. The country who do not have self respect can not become develop country. America has great respect for his soldiers if even one American soldier dies, they take revenge for that. Let the soldiers die but we the civilians should not suffer so called development.
    'Education is a lifelong process, keep on learning new things'

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    Partha - The 'tiger' simile does nothing for the morale of the people or that of the armed forces. These are mere words to pacify. What we need is some concrete action. A tiger might not roar before it attacks, but a tiger always attacks when provoked. Even an injured tiger strikes back, instead of slinking away into a dense forest.

    I do not see when the 'opportunity' to strike will come to us on a platter. Retaliation must be immediate so the rest of the world does not question our actions, when we strike later. Yes, going to war is not easy – it has many consequences. However, it will at least send out a message.

    A fool will always try to make sense of his nonsense!

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    Mrs. Juana, all the political leaders are shouting hoarse to take action. I only want to state that we must not shout, we must ACT silently but surely. Military planning can't and shouldn't be done by shouting. We need secrecy and we must act very quickly. The time, place and manner must be chosen by military, not by politicians. The DGMO has said this yesterday.
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    At the same time, we must take care of the traitors, peace-nicks, terror-sympathisers and other destructive & divisive forces inside the country. The people of the country should take care of these elements.
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    #579303 - My comment was based on the fact that many more soldiers are likely to die in a war. In addition to that often many civilians also die beside a heavy loss of property on either side. Our military should be able to first protect itself from such covert attacks prior to attacking. Why sometimes we fail to protect ourselves when nothing is unknown?
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    #579337: Nobody can provide foolproof security against terrorists, because they themselves decide the time and place of their dastardly attack. Nine out of ten attempts can be stopped, but the one which can't be stopped get publicity. In another thread, I have already stated that during last week twelve infiltration attempts were made across LOC and the Army foiled ten. Terrorism can't be stopped by defensive measures. Effective measures are required to be taken as is being done by Israel.
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