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    22 year old woman arsonist set afire 42 buses for a biryani and 100 Rs at Bangalore on Cauvery war

    C Bhagya, a 22 year old woman arsonist among the 11 accuses who're arrested on September 12 attack at Bengaluru on Cauvery rivalry between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. She get caught in many CCTV and mobile videos while burning 42 buses of Tamil Nadu road transport. As per her mother's saying she was offered with a mutton biryani and Rs. 100 by some people who came her home before the protest. She was among more than 400 unknown activists who caught by the police and taken to custody. She is a daily wager, in search of food and doesn't knew why the protest (on Cauvery water-sharing) is going on. What you say on this type of activities and performances in India?
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    Strange are the ways of the media. Now in the TRP rat race, the focus has shifted from the inter-state river dispute to a plate of Biryani. It is quite likely that the hapless girl Bhagya didn't know anything about the Cauvery Issue but instead jumped in bandwagon for a plate of Biryani and Rs. 100 in cash. She was a daily wage earner and didn't differentiate between the nature of the job to be executed for earning a livelihood.
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    "Bhagya has burnt 42 buses for a packet of Biriyani and Rs. 100". This is really an alarming statement. There are millions of Bhagya's in every nook and corner to burn valuable assets. Who has insisted Bhagya to do so is the million dollar question. The group or person behind the group should brought to public, lawsuit should be filed against them.
    Only guided dictatorship can make difference in countries like India. We should follow what Singapore has done.

    The general public specially middle class are going to face the real consequences. Bhagya has benefited with a packet of Biriyani and Rs. 100. Bus owners will recap their losses via insurance. The government officials will get their salaries without any trouble.

    But, what about the reputation loss of the state among foreign investors? what about the wage loss of the employees of burnt buses?

    These are serious punishable offenses. The real causes should be removed from root. Can be controlled only via strict law and regulations.

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    This once more expose the incompetent attitude of the government which never formulates any pro poor scheme which may reach them directly. The more the people are poor and reel under poverty they will be exploited by power mongers in most cruel some way and people like Bhagya has no other go but to accept the offer because for the day she is getting the meal and also some money to enjoy the day. Government must immediately chalk out rehabilitating such people living for opportunity to casue untold damage just for the pittance money. Where are world is going ?
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    She requires sustained interrogation till such time she tells the names of the instigators. Thereafter, the instigators, irrespective of the social position and party affiliations, must be taken care of. No mercy should be shown towards them.
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    As far as I can visualise no juice can be extracted by even prolonged and sustained interrogation as she knows only one plate of Biryani and Rs. 100 in cash. Perhaps she may be as uninformed about the plot if any, as any of us. At the most she can name the person who approached her with the offer, that too only if she happen to know the individual.
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    I am sure that the fire girl Bhagya must have been offered a quarter in addition to Biriyani and Rs. 100/- to carry out this mad act very boldly. Now few might claim to say that Bhagya was a psyche or a mad girl. Now Bhagya is likely to get delicious Biriyani regularly inside the jail. Who knows? She might turn politician and become MLA or MP in due course.
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