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    Politicians beware: No loose talks , people get angered and that would be shown instantly

    We all know that Delhi is reeling under Chickengunya virus and many people have lost their lives. The AAP government failed to control the virus and the Dy CM Sisidia who was on tour to Finland was summoned by Lt.Governor of Delhi to attend to the problems immediately and when Sisodia came out to address the media after his meeting with the governor, some one thrown ink on his face and that was the sing of anger which the Delhi people are going through. When politicians wont act and indulge in loose talks, the people wont be silent spectators. How to deal with anger of people when politicians are in public place ?
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    As long as the people are ready to vote for any political party to give them power, it doesn't matter much even if ink is thrown on them. After all, the AAP party is a creation of the electorate of the Delhi only. They have no presence at any other place except Delhi.

    Regarding the people suffering from the mosquito bites related diseases, they formed the main vote bank of the AAP party on the promise of getting their illegal hutments regularised though the power related to allotment of land etc. is not vested with the Delhi Government.

    Illegal immigrants from nearby states themselves are swarming Delhi like mosquitoes.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In this regard, I do not think, it affects much to a leader when he talks loosely in public. Every politician has some vote bank. Generally their loose talk target opposition parties, which his supporters actually enjoy. Mayawatiji has given many controversial statement in past including against Mahatma Gandhi, but it did not affect her vote bank. Laluji is famous for talking loosely in public ( his recent statement during flood is live example) but he came in power again. Even leader resort to talk nonsense to garner negative publicity and be in limelight. The JNU episode is the current example where India as a country itself was targeted and the Left parties swapped the currently concluded electoral poll. All parties having such leaders whose existence it is on negative publicity. By giving such statement they resort to be in news and their sympathiser show even firmer support to them.

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    Politicians know that, if they win elections with majority, it will be a fun time for next 5 years. Most of the politicians have only one aim, which is winning elections. They are not interested in doing anything for general public. It doesn't matter whether public throws ink on them or spit on them. They know they have amassed wealth to spend rest of their life in comfort. Who cares for promises these days? It's all fake stuff to garner votes of gullible people.

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