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    How much does the ‘Ask Expert’ section pay

    Rs.4 for a detailed response to 'How to cook haleem at home', in the 'Ask Expert' section has left me disappointed.

    Here is the URL.

    I provided a detailed recipe that covers ingredients and different procedures involved in making the dish. In fact my response is over 700 words in length - as long as an article. Not a single detail is left out. It is an authentic recipe and no, it is not copied from the internet. It is something I learned from a friend, in Vizag.
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    I agree that the payment is sometime not according to the effort. On the other hand, in some cases I have seen that some inaccurate answers getting more points, most probably because these were the first responses. However, I do feel that this may be unintentional on the part of the concerned Editors.
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    I hope it is unintentional too, however, I have a nagging feeling that I'll receive a response justifying it. Let's wait and watch.
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    I have brought your concern to the notice of the AE editors. Hope one of them will respond soon and look into it.

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    Juana your concern is genuine and in most of the cases the editors is awarding one point,2,3,4, It require time,knowledge. resources to give an answer and what is the out come. I earlier raised my voice in two threads. If this is the practice then many of the good expert will keep distance from this section.
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    My suggestion to Juana is to consider developing an article also on the subject matter in the meantime till a response is received from the editorial team. They may consider increasing the cash credit but are not likely to go for more than Rs. 10 or Rs.12. The article, on the other hand, is likely to fetch much better cash credit.

    It is well understood that the point is not about cash credits but the system of allotment of cash credits.

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    The points and cash credits were indeed low and have been updated on the basis of the quality of your answer. The Webmasters have have had a discussion with the AE team for allocation of better points and cash credits for high quality answers.

    Managing Editor,

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    What I feel that when a member gives the answer in a expert way, the ISC must be kind enough to credit the cash generously and not on the basis of so much lines.
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    Thank you, everyone, for voicing your support.
    Appreciate the prompt redressal of a contentious issue.

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