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    Should India attack Pakistan to solve sponsored terrorism?

    Pakistan is sponsoring terrorism in India since its birth. Attack on Kashmir in 1948 with the help of tribal was the first form of sponsored terror attack on then independent Kashmir ruled by Maharaja Hari Singh. Later too, Pakistan continued to encroach our boarder with pseudo tactics and carried on wounding us. With the latest attack on Indian Military installations, an echo is circulating in the atmosphere, whether India should start full fledge war with Pakistan.
    There are different theories coined for the solution of this canker. One school of thought advocates of putting pressure on Pakistan internationally and isolate it from the world. With the help of UNO, Pakistan should be declared as terrorist state and thus different sort of banning will be imposed on it by international community. This will automatically break the backbone of Pakistan and it will realise that sponsoring terrorism will not yield good result.
    Second thought tells that we should go for full-fledged war. Without fear, Pakistan will not learn a lesson. We cannot be too dependent on UNO which has a past of favouring strong nations. We can destroy all terror camps and make Pakistan realise that if it carry on sending terrorist to Indian soil, India will refute back emphatically as is the case with Israel and USA. Precedence has been set by other countries in past to cross the border for the safety and security of our own citizen and it has given positive result too.
    Now I leave to the imagination of reader to write different approach of solving Kashmir issue as no single approach is advisable.
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    I have given different approches to solve the Kashmir issue in my previous thread response as"Yes, Indian government should plan to take action.What type of planning and what action to be taken, to decide PM should call a meeting.There should be discussion in the presence of all stake holders.some of the action required are-
    1.Declare the Pak as an enemy country.
    2.Declare the Pak as a terrorist country in coming security council meeting of UNO.
    3.Plan for surgical strikes in POK on the terrorist camps.
    4.Augment the army on Pakistan border.
    5.Be prepare for a full fledged war with Pakistan."

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    We have been discussing about the matter in different threads. I have also mentioned my views clearly. Combination of diplomatic, economic and military (both overt and covert) actions are needed to take care of this country. India's effort to diplometically isolate this country has already started bearing fruit. Yesterday after the Uri attack, Russia has cancelled the joint military exercise with Pakistan. Economic measures would further stifle these beggars. So far as military action is concerned, there are various ways, which would not be proper to discuss in open platform. But full-fledged war is not necessary. Short, limited war and other covert actions are more than sufficient to deal with these sub-human species.
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    We already have a history of following full-fledged wars with Pakistan -

    1. Indo-Pakistani War of 1947
    2. Indo-Pakistani War of 1965
    3. Indo-Pakistani War of 1971
    4. Indo-Pakistani War of 1999

    Has any of above wars resulted in any improvement in the attitude and behaviour of Pakistan?

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    Terrorism and Pakistan is different issue. But recently I have seen a pattern in Pakistan's behaviour about terrorism. Like, till the time India not able to arrest or kill any terrorist Pakistan says "our country also struggling with terrorism, Pakistan is against terrorism " but as soon as some terrorism get killed and arrested. They start protest against India by saying India is killing thier innocent people. Example kasab and buhran. They start showing this terrorist as martyr. So I feel Pakistan is not able to understand what they want. Second war is not a solution as it degrade the image of country, it do cost a lot. Again our lot of soldiers have to sacrifice thier life. Whatels can be done ? I have no idea. But some where because of war whole country have to face lots of problems.

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    War is not the solution of this issue. We had already seen four wars between neighbouring nations. UN should intermediate this issue and declare Pakistan, a terrorist nation. Being a corrupted nation, Pakistan is not able to protect its own citizens. The country should be boycotted from all such facilities given by Indian Government like food stuffs, transportation facilities, etc. Recently, Russia has cancelled military exercise with Pakistan army troops. All kind of defence help should not be rendered to Pakistan. Also, in place of acting quiet, our army should response to Pakistan army for their every ceasefire.
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    Using tit for tat should not be the criteria and even better solution is possible though a thread which I had raised today. That diplomatic pressure from all the countries who ever has good ties with India must be forged and let those countries talk in favor of India and its security. UN is watching the worst happening and even condemned it. China which is close ally of Pakistan has also condemned the Uri attack. Russia is withdrawing the joint Military exercise slated to be held in Pakistan. All these are the new developments which is the slap on the face of Pakistan and slowly that country would isolated by other countries from any cooperation. In village if some one does wrong, the entire village would boycott him and his family. So it would become prestige issue for the Pakistan to mend the ways otherwise India have the last option of war and the Pakistan would be finished in just 30 minutes as our Navy chief says.
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    Pay back in the same coin. No need to fight wars. For what we have our intelligence agencies? Defend by tracking movements of terrorists and don't allow them to enter should be the first step. Our intelligence agencies have failed to stop this incident. Now it is time to plot the same kind of attack destroy that beggar nation called Pakistan, who is dependent on the alms given by US and China.

    Already US has stopped financial aid to Pakistan from this year. This would have created panic among those terrorist. Pakistan is bound to get destroyed on his own. They are already in pathetic shape. Attacking a dying country would not benefit India. It would be better if we strengthen our intelligence and cause deep damage within their country, so that they never rise again.

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