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    Why does a person start moving while talking on mobile?

    It has been noticed that a person normally start moving unintentionally while talking on mobile. Every action of human is said to have some psychological/physiological reason for the same. What may be the reason behind this nature of a person? Does any psychological changes occur in your body while talking on mobile.
    Readers are invited to discuss this phenomena and enlighten us.
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    It matters from person to person. There are also some people who talk on mobiles by sitting on a comfortable place. They love to talk their beloved ones in a rest manner. While there are also some persons who used to roam in their homes, garden promoting 'WALK WHEN YOU TALK' strategy of Idea Networks. So, its a good habit if a person is walking while talking on phone. They walk generally to get rid of disruptions around them or to perform multiple tasks at a time.
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    Yes I also observed this strange behavior in persons. While a call comes on the mobile and the person is amid others, he suddenly move away and talk. Once i asked what made him to move. He said it is his wife call and the conversation should not over heard. Then I told even my wife calls I would sit and converse with her. When you are in group, respect the people sitting over there. By moving away you are signalling wrong to others and your behavior to the call is also questionable. If you cannot discuss the issues on the phone , then do not solicit that call at that moment by simply saying you will call later.
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    Many people attend their phone calls while sitting only e.g. while sitting on their chair at the workplace. Same is the case with the many people who attend phone calls while sitting at home also and even while lying on the bed.

    To me, it appears more like a matter of habit and primarily driven by the restlessness. People keep on walking when restless and anticipating some news like in the scenes portrayed in the movies of people walking in the corridors of hospitals/nursing homes when their wife is undergoing labor pain inside the labor room.

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    Mobile is to talk while we are in outside but it is not correct to use the mobile while we are driving or walking on the roads which should necessarily be avoided. I myself (here I have to put myself because I never use mobile while walking)got injured in my leg as I took my mobile while going out from office. Whenever we receive call or making call while moving in the outside/roadside, we have to stand by the side of the road immediately and should move only after finishing the talk. In the other way also, the other side person may not understand our situation and if he or she started quarreling or making us to get angry, the situation goes to worst.

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