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    Why my article not getting approved?

    I have uploaded two articles but both showing not approved . Some told me about http.
    Can editor do some changes in article For helping new members in learning process?
    I might have made mistakes but if not approved then also if I get notifications of disapproval it is okay , as Atleast we will come to know that we need to write some other article. I know I'm not professional writer but if it shows not reviewed even for long time then what We need to do next?
    Here I'm providing url of one of my article.
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    Any article will be thoroughly gone through by the editors and they shall advise step by step to the new members to make corrections and then goes to the final stage of approval and crediting cash point for the articles. Always keep eye on your article and the remarks appearing when it is in pending section. Only you will have the prerogative to edit and resubmit the same for further action from the editors. Just for that do not stop your activity. Please go ahead to write new articles and be ready to upload the same irrespective of earlier article approval or rejection.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Sir if Atleast one article get through all stages then Atleast we will be knowing the old mistakes which we made and we will avoid same mistakes. Els same mistakes will be continued unintentionally. So I'm waiting For already submitted articles.

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    You have committed a lot of mistakes and at ISC, your article will never get approved, if you commit so many silly mistakes. Some of the mistakes are given below:

    1. Use grammatically correct English. Never write your country name as "india". The first letter should be capital for any country.

    2. Use spacings in between letters correctly. You have committed a lot mistakes by leaving so many spaces between sentences.

    3. Learn basic HTML tags. You have to use HTML tags in your articles. If you are numbering the points, then use tags for it. You can't straight away write in that manner at ISC.

    4. The best way to rectify mistakes is look at various forum threads for article approval. Many authors have explained everything in a simple manner. By asking editors to approve your substandard article, you are going for a shortcut way.

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    Sir I wanted to know this only what you explained. And sir I was asking for mistakes which I made instead of asking directly to approve without editing. Means if I will come to know about mistakes I can rectify them. Thanx for your reply

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    Generally, editors are very helpful, cooperative and supportive to the new authors but they never do corrections on their own. In case there are many shortcomings then it may not be possible to point out each and every mistake of each article. Moreover, nowadays it is taking longer time in getting responses from the editors of the articles section perhaps because few or many of the are on leave as mentioned by the ME sometime back.

    In my opinion, the author may consider following -

    1. Learn basic HTML tags and submit articles duly decorated with such tags.
    2. Be patient. Only initially, it will take some time maybe a month or two to learn but afterwards, the articles will get approved without taking much time.
    3. Read and revise the article as many times as required to weed out spelling and grammar glitches before clicking the submit button.

    Also, based on my experience, I am predicting that the author is likely to get a prize or award soon.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Sir it's not about price and reward and I don't even know on what basis that is given over here. I wrote this article before I joined ISC . I wrote some more before joining this website. It's really disappointing to know that here every one is generalising. I get really descent income. I have read here that everyone is supportive so I can ask my doubts in forum. So I asked but really sad that judgements are given by some of members. Now might some get doubt why I wrote before joining here . Because I felt I can help CA students by putting article also as I already frame questions and put them on one of the site. I felt through isc I can share article too . I really don't want to be judged just because I have some doubts so there is any way that I can delete all this. I'm not supposed to be professional in all the work . I'm a learner. I asked last query about Adsense as I read lots of article about that on site . So I asked. I have no habbit of generalising things ,presuming about others and using harsh language so with all respect thank you all.

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    Publication on websites requires the use of basic HTML tag whereas in the case of publication in the print media there is no such requirement.

    Let me share with you that all of us struggled in learning HTML tags in the beginning. Only last month the ME of ISC, Vandana had admitted that she is still learning HTML tags (despite having completed more than 5 years as ME, having authored more than 1000 articles and having been associated with ISC since last more than 9 years).

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I'm not telling I know each and everything. I came to know about html in one of my query. I would learn this I know. But from where things of rewards and all came in might offend someone. And if someone see title of query is " why my article is not getting approved ". Means I want to know my mistakes and correct them. It's not that I'm saying do approve the article as it is. And I know not only html but lot more other mistakes are also there. That too I accepted. My point was just if this is not up to mark i will not be having problem even if it get disapproved. But it's showing that article is not reviewed so I asked .

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    Ms. Sharma: While waiting for approval, kindly go through the following article for your future articles:-
    Basic HTML tags to use in various posts

    All of us faced similar difficulties while trying for approval of our first 3-5 articles.

    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    Sir I wish to delete all items posted by me till now. Is that possible? Would definitely learn this basic things to use it more in my future with all my interest. Or I need to delete one by one all the things posted by me ? There's anyway I can delete all in one go?

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    Better you learn the things from the person who has referred you to this site.If you want delete, ask the editors to do so.You do not have permission to delete.better you remove your photo need not to delete everything,
    'Education is a lifelong process, keep on learning new things'

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    It is unfortunate that you have misunderstood the responses being given in this thread. Nobody is generalizing or giving any judgement as you stated in #579389. The members are patiently giving you guidance in fact so that you learn and work on your article. The mention of the award was also to encourage you, not to judge you.

    As for deleting all that you've already posted: you cannot do so. Once something is submitted at ISC, it becomes the copyright of the site. It will remain as it is and something gets deleted only if not adhering to guidelines of the site or is not up to the mark in terms of quality.

    Managing Editor,

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    I would suggest you to use the 'edit' button in your article/s and do whatever possible / all necessary corrections in your article/s and re-submit the same. Your article on CA is good and needs small correction i.e use of html list tags.

    Thanks & Regards
    Lead Editor (Articles)

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    I used h3 html tag for title of article but it is not making any change in title it is showing as it is. on all other points i used html tag .

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    #579491 - It generally occurs due to not closing the brackets i.e. not removing spaces between the bracket symbol '<' and letter 'h' and between number '2' and bracket symbol '>' at the beginning and similarly between the bracket symbol '<' and symbol '/' and between number '2' and bracket symbol '>' at the end.

    Also, h2 or h3 tags are not required to be used in the main title of the article. Instead, it is to be used for inserting headings inside the body of the article.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Inside body for points I have used
  • tag not h3 . I thought
  • need to be used for points not h3

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    Anju, you are a CA practitioner if I am not wrong. In an earlier thread you had raised, I have given links to 'Good Article Writing Tips' as also 'Posting Guidelines'. Did you go through the same? I suggest you to be a bit patient. Do not think about leaving ISC; this site will be of help!
    Knowledge is knowing tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in fruit salad - Miles Kington.

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    Yes I have gone through. And I already mentioned I'm trying to learn by going through different articles. I have asked simple doubt not because I'm impatient , reason was I wanted to know about some things that's all. So what ever doubts I got I asked.

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    I don't feel the necessity of carrying this discussion further. Anju, your article will be assessed and approved in due time. I am locking this thread for the time being.
    Knowledge is knowing tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in fruit salad - Miles Kington.

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