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    We (Indians) save money, but.....

    We, the Indians, are not spendthrift by nature. We save money in different ways, which people of western countries can't even imagine. Some of the ways which we adopt to save money are stated below:-
    (a) We squeeze the almost-empty toothpaste tube and then cut it into half to make it last for another week!
    (b) We re-use our torn T-shirts to mop the floor.
    (c) Indian ladies fill the near-empty shampoo bottle with water so that it can be used for another wash!
    (d) We generate regular monthly income by selling old newspapers, periodicals and plastic bottles.
    (e) Some of us purchase half-tickets for our 15-year old children or brothers/sisters by stating that they are less than 12.
    (f) Indian ladies creatively convert soft-drink bottles into decorative items.
    (g) We bargain to get complimentary dhaniya, mirchi (chili) and kadi patta from vegetable-sellers.

    However, after painstakingly saving money over the years, we, the Indians spend lakhs of rupees to feed little-known or unknown neighbours and distant relatives on the occasion of the marriages of our children. The people of western countries don't do it either.
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    We need not to compare Indians with western . We have practice of spending by some other way. I have not visited any western country till now so I don't have much idea about their traits. I somewhere feel marriage expenses are really waste. Why I need to feed 500 people to whom I don't know. Whenever I say this to my mom she is like "what people will say " . I really don't understand this thing. I would love to spend that money on myself as I earned that money with hard work.

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    It is called being penny wise, pound foolish. Moreover, it is a matter of habit also and often the practices mentioned by the author are inherited by the individuals from their parents as if the same are genetic attributes.

    It reminds me of an old wisecrack or saying according to which the real worth of an individual is not known by what he/she possess but instead by what he/she discards. To see the status of individuals , one can see contents of their trash box.

    We often find in ancestral houses a lot of junk material accumulated over several generations without discarding the same. Such junk materials not only occupy a lot of space but also become a breeding ground for insects, flies, termites, lizards and such other many creatures.

    The money collected painstakingly is burnt in a spur of the moment in showing off to prove that my shirt is whiter than yours. Mostly, non-working women tend to resort to such practices more compared to educated and earning women.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Partha sir, I couldn't stop laughing after reading your points. I can say one more example in which a person wears a nice T-shirt inside which there will be a torn banyan. From the above points what we can understand is that whatever is visible to others, we are trying to prove that we are well off and whatever is not visible to others, we do it in a frugal way. I can say we are running after false prestige.

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    Yes, Mr. Nalla, whatever you have stated is correct. We believe in show-off even putting ourselves into considerable difficulties.
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