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    Quick to judge but reluctant to get under the skin.

    I was reading a book and it has got a wonderful line written as " Never judge a person unless you get under his skin and walk a mile in his shoes". This really keeps me wondering how quick we are at judging someone through his actions without giving a second thought about the situation he or she would be going through. I have heard many people commenting on someone, be it his or her personality or behavior, on the grounds of wisdom of having the world understood. When we judge with much interest than needed, we actually trying to showcase his or her faults or shortcomings neglecting the fact of omnipresent imperfection. I am no exception to this but I don't stretch my being perceptive to being super judgemental. Life is beautiful in its flaws as everyone tend to create his own perfection with his own uniqueness. If all would be the same life would be pretty boring.
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    Being social animals, the humans need to interact with other human beings. Therefore, they tend to evaluate them to assess their suitability. Perhaps, the first assessment is aimed at knowing, if they are a potential threat or not. Women have to be especially cautious and careful before proceeding further with the interactive process.

    Other than above, no assessment is required. People need not bother for others once they are known to be not a potential threat. People resort to judging others more for finding fault in them than discovering the positive aspects. They tend to compare their own selves with the others and try to prove themselves superior by pointing out shortcomings or faults in them.

    During social conversations either in person or through phone calls, people particularly women, tend to prolong or stretch the conversation till something negative is discovered in a third party individual.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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