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    What is the justification of nations waging wars?

    A very simplistic definition of the subject history can be said to be learning about the wars. History, in a nutshell, is about remembering the years during which the important wars were fought, at least from the point of view of cracking competitive examination. One has to answer questions by ticking on the correct year in which the wars like the first, second or third battle of Panipat or the battle of Plassey was fought.

    Why the battles were fought or wars were waged historically. It is relevant to discuss because of the many people expressing their opinions that India should attack Pakistan without a second thought as a revenge of unfortunate Uri incidence.

    Where the wars led the mankind? What is the justification of nations waging wars?
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    International Relations experts term war as the failure of diplomacy. However, at the same time, war give birth to new form of diplomacy at different level. As for example, World War II started due to failure of diplomacy among European nations. At the same time, even during the war, new negotiations started among European leaders. Yalta Conference is an example. Similarly, negotiations started between Hitler and Mussolini. Even Hitler sent special envoy to Britain for secret negotiations during the war.
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    Wars used to be waged even before the development of the catchphrase 'diplomacy'. I think there is much more behind wars than the diplomacy alone.
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