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    Whose movies do you prefer to watch: Rajamouli or Shankar?

    SS Rajamouli and Shankar are two great Indian directors, who think differently while making films. SS Rajamouli is from Telugu film industry (Tollywood) and Shankar is from Tamil Film industry (Kollywood). SS Rajamouli has directed blockbuster Telugu movies like Baahubali, Eega(Makhi in Hindi), Magadheera, etc. Shankar has directed blockbuster Tamil movies like Enthiran (Robot in Hindi), I, Indian (Hindustani in Hindi), etc. All the movies directed by both of them are masterpieces. Personally, whose movies do you prefer to watch and why?
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    There is a difference between Rajmouli and Shankar in terms of their directing skill. While Rajmouli is the classic director aiming at class audience, on the other hand Shankar is the mass Director and aims at Mass audience. Both have their regular followers but Rajmouli could even include Hindi and International audience to his kitty and thus well ahead than Shankar. By the way I am not degrading the potential of Shankar, His block buster Eega was well received and even I enjoyed the visual treat in that movie. One thing is sure both directors could pulse the likes of the audience and they are basking in that glory.
    K Mohan
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    Mohan sir, Eega (Makhi) is directed by Rajamouli and not Shankar.

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    Both of them has a talent to think out of the box. `Action speaks more than words` and these guy have delivered some great hits with their directing skills. They have their own style and personality. So picking one out of them would be perhaps an understatement! Their contributions to the film industry has been well appreciated by the audience. So what I would suggest is that instead of comparing these two, why not have both of these creative heads work on a movie together? That would be an interesting one to watch!

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    Rajamouli makes only commercial movies. Shankar's movies are message oriented and special. So, I prefer Shankar's movies.

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