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    Just want to know others thought..........

    Hi Friends,
    Today I want to Know what others think in general about a word
    Actually I feel satisfaction is always being happy with what you have.
    I just want to know different opinions about satisfaction.
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    Satisfaction generally means contentedness. It may mean differently to different individuals depending upon their background and upbringing. The philosophers have said that it comes from the within, do not seek it without.

    Many factors cause people to be content. Generally, in the rat race, materialistic people believe that money is the source of satisfaction which actually is not the case according to evolved one. However, maintaining good health and being a part of a happy family appears to be a genuine cause of satisfaction or contentedness.

    Being honest to one's duties and responsibilities do give satisfaction. It may be possible to cheat others but not one's ownself.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The word satisfaction seems to be missing in the people minds these days. Need not mention that everyone were experiencing temporary satisfaction but everyone were carving to get more satisfied and ending up in frustration. Personally for me satisfaction is being content with what we have and this varies from person to person like some people gets satisfied by eating the food he love and for some one who work, he relates being satisfied by learning a new work. like this everyone relates their satisfaction to their occupation or daily recreation such as eating, drinking, exercising, yoga etc.,

    satisfaction varies with age too for example if we are a
    1. Infant: we get satisfied by toys, milk.etc.,
    2. Young: we may get satisfied by getting good ranks in class
    3. Adult: we may get satisfied by seeing our kids and their play or by enjoying luxurious life.
    4. Old age: we may get satisfied by seeing our kids grownup and doing jobs in higher positions.

    In fact this sages were searching for this satisfaction and were going to forests for meditation. Overall, permanent satisfaction cannot be attained and that spirit drives us to attain higher positions in life.

    Venkat Satish Mamidisetti,
    Electrical Engineer.

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    Satisfaction is nothing but a good feeling of something that pleases our mind.
    No life without Sun ¤

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    Satisfaction is the expression of full containment from a person. Normally one cannot get satisfied with certain wants and his eagerness to acquire more gives him room for more wants. Only on one count we can satisfy a person. Give him full food and what ever he want to taste. Once he ate full, he says that he was satisfied by the food and there is no room for further eating. But to the same person when you give him some money and then question him whether that suffice him, he wont reply . That means one cannot get satisfied with produce or service as he want to enjoy the next level.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Satisfaction is the state of feeling which we do not want more than that which we acquire. Normally most of the people think that it depends on age groups, but after some time, it may be days or years, the people want it again. So can we say it as Satisfaction? If one wants to get real satisfaction, one should acquire the quality of sacrifice which is not so easy. We have a quote that 'Na dhanena, na prajaya, tyagenike amrutatva maansuh' which means we can live long neither by wealth nor by strength of people but by tyaaga i.e. sacrifice. When we reach this state then we need not any other worldly pressures, this state is known as satisfaction. For getting this no one need to go to forests, one can achieve it in public also as we see many true sanyasies in India.

    Of course present day people may not get satisfaction, so that we are overwhelmed by misery. One can get satisfaction temporarily only but not permanently except wise people (jnanis). So if we too want satisfaction we may follow those people or do dharmik deeds.

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    In my opinion, meaning of satisfaction is different for different people. Here I am going to mention three types of people and what satisfaction means to them.

    There are some people who are happy with whatever they have got in life. A farmer is happy with little money and a small shop owner is happy with 150 rupees per day. Some others are happy with even less. One thing which is so great about such people is that they are careless. Their only motive in life is to be happy. You won't find such people stressed ever and unfortunately there are not enough these days.

    The other kind of people are those who are satisfied with their day but they want to achieve something better next day. For example a cricketer might be happy that he scored a 50 today, he must be willing to score a ton next day. So the satisfaction level for such people changes over time. Such people sometimes are stressed but mostly they are confident.

    The third are those who are never satisfied with whatever they have got. I have seen people with millions in their bank account but they are usually not happy.

    So we can say that satisfaction is something which has different meaning for different people and to be fair, sometimes it's good to be unsatisfied.

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