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    Tv ads are not relevant to the products.

    As we all watch television in our leisure time to entertain ourselves. When we are watching we usually watch many ads in between which is good method of marketing the procudts, but I feel most of the ads are not relevant to the product that they are marketing. For example the MTS ad of a baby born was not at all relevant to that. Similar ways we watch many ads like that.
    I personally feel that every ad should be based on that product and as well give some good message to world. For Example Itch guard ad its about the school pt sir teaching children to do exercise I hope most of us must have watched that ad. I find thats very good ad because its not even publishing about that cream but as well gives a message to the world that children always follow the elders and thus the elders should be more disciplined when teaching to kids.
    Some ads at least are so destructive recently about amazon sale, members in the family become happy when they household items are broken by others because they can purchase it from amazon discount. I felt whether money is not having any value.
    This is my opinion about some ads how do my ISC friends feel about it...
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    Making a content for the television ads on products or service has become challenging and important too. Mint it the presenter is given 20 seconds to show everything and that includes, a product or service a message and a visual presentation with good music. The Fevicol ads are really impressive as they not only create awareness but also funny. But I really wonder about the Center Fresh ads which are not going to happen in real life. How can we expect a traffic police to go cool after eating a center fresh. So such kind of fantasy ads must be banned and Ministry must take note of this.
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    Sometimes, we do come across very good advertisements conveying beautiful social messages also, the Amul advertisements being a typical example. It depends on the budget of the company concerned also.

    Renowned ad agencies which are known for their creativity charge much more than the normal 'run of the mill' type ad agencies. Moreover, the merchant's interest lies in selling their products by grabbing the attention of the buyers. Therefore, they don't feel much sentimental about the values, if any, being portrayed through their advertisements or not.

    Sometimes very awkward ads are also created which are also aimed at catching the attention by creating a controversy. In the commercial domain only selling counts.

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    I had also noticed many ads on television which are actually not relevant with reference to the products. A year before, ad was very popular for a cement having tagline 'vishwas hai, ismein kuch khaas hai'. In this ad, a model was represented on the beach for advertising this product. This makes no sense to the viewers. Apart from this ad, now a days, you can view ads of another cement ad promoting for protection from termites. In this ad a man is fighting from outlaws who are trying to capture a girl. Tagline is shown as 'jang ki no entry'. Again, there is no connection of the act with the product. So, Advertising media of nation should check these type of ads and publish only relevant ads for Indian viewers.
    However, I have a number for Advertising standards where you can complain for any offensive, irresponsible, vulgar, false kind of acts. You have to take the snapshot of that ad and send it to their WhatsApp number i.e. +91771001235. For more information, you can visit:

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    The advertising segmement has changed a lot since the past 20 years! I remember watching the Hutch ad when I was a kid and it was truely entertaining and inspiring at the same time. The looks of a pet dog`s loyalty towards his master or friend, as we can call it, was great and the company managed to pull off their product well. But now, due to a lot of competition, the advertisers are forced to think out of the box which eventually leads to a lot of irrelavent ads on that idiot box! The best thing would be to focus on the content of the ads and make them more appealing. Creativity and innovations are just a cherry on top of the cake.

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