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    Be the king and name your kingdom.

    Today I was just scribbling through some history notes and I got to know about interesting stories ,wars, strategies, administration and many other things. The thing that really fascinated me, is the name, a king gives to his kingdom or the place he conquered after battle. The kingdom, no doubt shows the glory, prestidge and other administrative and political elements. Though in this modern era we don't support the violent battles or something related but if taken as a hypothetical assumption to be a king and to name my conquered kingdom then I would name it as Ahari Burj as the name could sound as who never gets defeated, and also is a part of my name. What's yours? Something catchy or something glorified?
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    I would like to be a part of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' which means 'the world is one family'. Let the whole world be one nation which will automatically obliterate the requirements and apprehensions of wars or hegemonism.

    Then it may become possible to take steps to preserve ecological balances and contain unmindful rat race of developing nuclear capabilities. There will be no need for any visa or passport and detention of celebrities like Shahrukh Khan at a US port of entry.

    There will be no chance of hurling accusations on Prime minister Narendra Modi of remaining on foreign visits only or throwing ink on the face of Manish Sisodia.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Naming a kingdom is a very creative process. some king just name with region name but actually according to me the name of the kingdom must reflect traditions and customs of the kingdom and also the heritage of king. This could be well seen in the case of kingdoms described in the epic Ramayana. Every kingdom is named after their "vamsha (clan)" for example surya vamsha dynasty that describes number of kings born in that clan and their heritage.

    If I am a King, I would form a committee with a group of ministers and head of the past generation. I would also intimate people in my kingdom about naming and ask for their suggestions. I would prefer to name my kingdom as "The Kingdom of Aishwarya". Aishwarya means wealth and also good health. That shows to other kingdoms that people in this kingdom are wealthy and healthy.

    Venkat Satish Mamidisetti,
    Electrical Engineer.

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    In my case, the entire issue is very simple! Note that my name is 'Partha' and the first two letters is 'Pa'. So, if I would be the ruler, my kingdom would be such whose name matches my own name. So, evidently my kingdom would be 'Pakistan'. Please note the first two letters of the name of my kingdom!
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    I am always fascinated with Krishna Devaraya Kingdom and in fact I would like to be in that era. The era gave equal importance to art, culture, dance and also many things. Those who were in the court of Krishna Devaraya were well looked after and I were the King of that great Dynasty , instead of Sri Krishna Devaraya Empire. I would have named it Akshaya Dhaam. Why because there is no dearth for food, knowledge, people were happy and eager to help others and above all there is no famine nor any poor people . Such kind of dynasty cannot be seen in present or future.
    K Mohan
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    The name of my kingdom will be 'Swarg' means heaven. I would be the most happy king in this universe. Poverty and inequalities will not be there. No sorrow no hardship only the pleasure will present there. I will not have the work load of the kingdom like other Kings. All Kings will be jealous with me because I will be enjoying with the most beautiful Apsaras.
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    If I have to name my kingdom, it would be "AKSHYAANAND". The name of my land will echo the feeling of ecstasy that too with eternity. The people there will always be balanced, full of positive attitude, enjoying even in the trying circumstances. God will be kind enough to the people of country and there will be all sorts of pleasure scattered in abandon. Prosperity will automatically bring harmony among all citizens. The other kingdom must be aware of our quality of being eternal, so that they will never dare to invade us. The development in all fields will be at its peak. Education, culture, art, tradition, values everything will flourish like, never before. Women will be free of all sort of restrictions and enjoy equal rights in the society. Every citizen will be facilitated to enhance their expertise and live a life of their dream.

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    Woah! I may stand nowhere before my fellow creative members. But I will give a try.
    I would name my kingdom in English - Palisade. Because I think defense must be given utmost priority. I will make my kingdom militarily strong. And professions will be chosen by individuals based on their talents rather than birth. Although I would consider industrialization is better for everyone and ask my denizens to predominantly work in mines, smith-shops, stables, temples and military. And we will import food from neighbors and trade with them peacefully. And I'm going to build a great wall around my neighboring kingdoms and myself ( in Donald Trump style).
    I will make sure my citizens are wealthy enough to afford everyday meals, save some for future and invest.

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    The problem nowadays is whether any other person or kingdom will sue for copyright violation. So first I may have to search with all major search engines and ensure that the name is not used before.
    Even when we go for a new user ID , however unique and weird, many times we get answers that it is already used.
    Whatever name the King gives, the countrymen may shorten it and make it different by usage , mispronouncing and misspelling.
    During our college days, in a short journey of just five kilometres to the college , we used to get hilarious moments in distorting or disseminating or interpreting the names of various stops on the way. Any name , gets distorted and mispronounced and misinterpreted somehow.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    Well often in earlier times kings used to name kingdoms as per their names so that their names always remained safe in the history no matter whatever they did few such names are- aurangabad, firojabad e.t.c
    In accordance to that I will name my kingdom Neelamnagar which seems very funny but once a city is named it didn't seems funny.
    Otherwise skipping this Criterion or idea of naming a kingdom I would prefer to name my kingdom as "Adbhutnagar" now this seems more funny,

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