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    Weight of school bags and children's health problems.

    These days children carry heavy school bags which contain text books, note books, instrument box, lunch box, water bottle, home work book, tuition note book and some other things as required. Weight of a bag containing all these may be somewhere near ten kilo gram. We have a 'Right to Education Act' which specifies that the weight of the school bag should be less than 10% of the child's weight. This is not strictly followed by all school authorities.
    In a study conducted in the schools in Britain it was seen that children carrying such heavy bags daily were suffering from muscle pains and spinal complaints. In our country also such complaints are reported by parents of such students.
    Schools must provide provisions to keep such books, which need not be taken home everyday, in the schools itself. Of course, it must be under safety.
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    I thank the author for this extremely useful thread. During my school days during mid-seventies to mid-eighties, we, the students, didn't carry so many books and copies. We used to keep one copy for taking notes and one/two copies for getting the homework checked. Nowadays, the teachers insist on bringing all copies. practical files, geometry boxes, books , everything. Even after strict direction from the Education authorities, the schools force students to bring all books and copies. The Boards and Education Departments of States don't have that much manpower to inspect the schools.

    As a result, the students are suffering from muscle pull, knee problems, shoulder problems. The walk with perpetual stoop. The Govt. must start taking punitive measures against the erring schools immediately all over the country.

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    Nowadays, it is very difficult even for an adult to carry the school bag of a 6th standard student and forget about higher standards. I agree with the author that schools must provide some provision to keep the books in the school itself otherwise schools must provide a tablet PC having all the digital textbooks stored inside. It should have only textbooks and nothing else. It should not have any extra memory or any provision to add extra memory so that students can't store any games. It should also be devoid of internet so that the tablet PC cannot be misused.

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    Irrespective of the legal provisions, if any, according to the medical opinion, the weight of the school bags should not be more than 10% of the body weight e.g. if the average weight of a class three student is 25 Kgs., then his/her school bag should not be more than 2.5 Kgs.

    Carrying heavy school bag is likely to cause following problems -

    1. Scoliosis i.e. due to putting a heavy bag on one shoulder, it may result in a one­side bend.
    2. Kyphosis i.e. due to continuously carrying a heavy load , the person may get a forward bending posture.

    In the long run, such postures may result in physical deformities of permanent nature.

    However, with the gradual introduction of digital tools in the educational methods, the weight of the school bags is likely to get lessened.

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    In a school bag these are the compulsory items to be present. Six text books, 12 note books include six class work and six home work, two work books and one draft, one rough book. These are to be carried daily to avoid punishment from the respective teachers. Apart from above load, the teachers are also pressing for non detailed books, reference books and dictionary and thus a child has to carry a weight of 15 to 20 kgs. Just imagine if the child used to walk some distance reaching the school . What I suggest that home work should not be given and every book must be kept at the school and school hours may be extended to complete all the pending works.
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    Everybody knows that the school bags are very heavy when considered the children's age and carrying capacity. Very often lots of discussions have appeared in different media. But the school authorities are least bothered about this. In certain countries each student is provided a small cabin just like a table drawer which can be locked. This can be used to keep their books and other materials. This will help them to keep those books which they need carry home. They can reduce the number of books by taking only those books which they need for doing home works. Why not the school authorities try to do something like providing this facility to children?
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    It is really a problem in the school students. Nowadays, the Education department of all states of our country increased the load of books and lessons in the guise of advancing and modernizing the syllabus. But nobody is seeing the load of books on the shoulders of the children. Many children are reporting that they are suffering from shoulder/back pain. Moreover there is no proper food for them, the withstanding capacity also get decreasing to bear such load.

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