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    Crime in public places, What you will do ?

    We discuss crimes and are critical at times, but do we play a role in preventing the same? Why do we fear to react? Read on to know more.

    Recently, we witnessed two murder cases in public place. In both the incidents, ruthless murderer used sharp objects to cut or stab to commit the crime. If we observe both footage carefully, the passersby left the spot immediately giving space for the crime. Is this acceptable? We can't allow this. But, what is the mitigation strategy ? As a bystander, will you extend your effort to stop the crime ? If yes, how you will do it? What will be the most reliable solution?
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    Generally, the onlookers or passersby don't confront directly with the criminals wielding deadly weapons anywhere in the world. The first reaction on the part of the humans is to ensure their own survival i.e. protecting themselves.

    In developed countries where policing is efficient, it may make some sense in informing the police as they may reach within 5 to 10 minutes. But in India police reaches the spot only after the criminals finish their job and flee up to a safe distance. Even people don't come forward to give evidence etc. in the courts pretending that they have seen nothing or remember anything.

    Criminals had been in the society since ages and perhaps will continue to remain in future also. It is one's bad luck if he/she becomes a victim of any such unfortunate incidence. Only a few selected bystanders are expected to be experts at the marshal arts and thus become able to challenge the criminal bare handed.

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    Gruesome attacks in public places, in broad daylight have become a common occurrence. The perpetrators probably have no fear of the law, as they publicly brandish weapons and attack people. The reaction of the witnesses, caught on CCTV cameras, raises questions about public apathy.

    To protect oneself from danger is perhaps a human instinct, which is why people scamper away from such situations. The question here is why no one comes forward to help those being attacked. Is it that people are insensitive to another's problem or is it that they do not know how to react?

    Surely, if 3-4 people join together, they can overpower an armed man. The public needs to be sensitized on how to react when they see a crime unfolding. The authorities can chalk out a plan and advertise it through various forums, social-media, newspaper, television, theaters and so on. Simple tactics can help save a life. For instance, the public can be advised to pelt stones or anything they can get their hands on, at the attacker and over power him. This and similar strategies should be publicized, so the general public becomes aware and are able to act immediately, when they witness attacks.

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    Public murders can be viewed as accidents in the public's point of view in the context that they cannot be predicted where and when they happen. I feel very pity that public murders are increasing and many people were losing lives. This makes me thing that are criminals perceiving that "Government and its law are weak in our country so we can do what ever we want?"

    In the situation of public murder, as a bystander even I'm afraid of my life but with some courage if I could pretend some thin mischief is going to happen, then I would inform to police about suspects and force the victim to go to a safe place where public gatherings are higher and preferably a closed space like hospitals, offices etc even before the crime happens., I will also make sure that I won't be hurt in this case as my family would be waiting for me to return home with smile.

    Venkat Satish Mamidisetti,
    Electrical Engineer.

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    People in metro cities are increasingly becoming self-centred. They feel that they already have enough problem in their own life, so they don't want to intervene in others problem. This mentality works while a crime happens in front of others. Moreover, the police of our country generally harass the 'good Samaritans'.

    I always say that people, especially working women and girl-students, must have minimum knowledge of self-defence. They should also carry pepper-spray, chili powder and short and sharp object for preliminary protection. this has become very necessary in today's circumstances.

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    In general, prevention is better than cure. Ony under very unfortunate circumstances, innocent people fell victim to the criminals e.g. in street robbery cases. Nobody generally murders innocent people on the street in open in broad daylight except perhaps terrorists etc. Often in the cases of gang wars and personal enmity etc., such murders takes place.

    Perhaps people try to gauge the situation before reacting but by that time the game is generally over. At the best someone makes an anonymous call by dialing number 100. Few others start video recording the event clandestinely to post the same later on the social media websites to make the same viral.

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    Yes I was watching the cctv footage of a young teacher in Delhi who was murdered in broad day light and remember she was stabbed 30 times on her person and the passer by were just onlookers and no one came to her help. Probably everyone got terrified as the person attacked went amok and he was brandishing with knife. Everyone would be saving their life and thus the crime doer went scott free. If I were there at the spot, surely prevailed upon the person with my knack and if once we start pouncing the passerby also joins to tame the bad guy. But that was not happened in Delhi.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    This sad incident just go of to show how weak we are? We have become a society which blames our Legislators, Executive and the Judiciary! What is our role as citizens? Shifting blames? What prevented us from stopping this heinous crime? It is high time we start thinking about the same. Isn't it a shame? It is! I feel ashamed to be a part of this irresponsible society!

    Juana @ 579441, you said it! It could have been prevented if someone could raise a question as to what is happening. No one?

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    Why the people do not involve themselves in such incidents? Because the people are smart and they know the consequences of involvement.First there is a danger for the People . Second the police will harass and may leave the main accused by bribing and will shift the blame on the rescuer. Court acts on the investigating officer's report and not on what you say. I do not blame the people they are correct as per their convictions.
    What to do when crime is committed in public place? here is few points
    1.Call the police immediately by dialing 100 or nearby PS telephone number and tell the location of crime.
    2. Take the photograph of the scene or make video and hand over to police and upload on social media. the people for help and cordon off the area and ensure that the culprit should not escape.
    4. search for some lathi-danda/ stone and hit the culprit.
    5.when there is some people are gathered with you then catch the culprit and hand over to the police.
    6. ask the victim to lodge an FIR with police.

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