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    Were our Para Olympians who got medals to our country gifted like fellow olympians

    Like Rio Olympics 2016, Para Olympics was also a huge success. Many of the para athletes managed to bag medals when compared to actual Olympics. All the participants worked hard for these medals. But how far it is correct to share unequal royalties by the state, central governments and popular persons who gifted BMW's for only few? Central and state governments showered gifts in the form of huge money and lands to Saina Nehwal who brought us bronze and Shakshi who brought us silver in the Olympics.

    Why aren't we considerate towards our Para Olympians who proved their mettle without adequate coaching and encouragement when compared with fellow Olympians? The trending question on the net now is "Where is Sachin Tendulkar and his BMW's?" Is it fair to gift only few Olympians who didn't even manage to bring gold but a gold winner is still living an ordinary life?

    Please discuss.
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    Dear members please discuss this issue and support our para Olympians
    Venkat Satish Mamidisetti,
    Electrical Engineer.


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    Yes, this is true. We all concerned about only Olympics. Beyond their physical disability they all are performing well.. but still promises are keeping up to Olympic champs. But there is a good news also in this direction, The ministry of youth and Sports affairs has announced that athletes winning gold medals at Rio Paralympics will be given same cash prize as Olympics. This is a good sign, it may encourages the athletes to do best in next.

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    The Olympic medalists got many awards and prizes because the medal winners were very few and therefore they got larger chunks. Even non-medalists who had reached up to the fourth position only got many prizes and awards.

    I don't know about the BMW but prizes are being announced for the Paralympic medalist also e.g. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalitha has announced an award of Rs 2 crore for Mariyappan Thangavelu, the gold medalist high-jump at the Rio Paralympics. Also, under the sports ministry's cash award scheme, Mariyappan will get Rs 75 lakh and Varun Singh Bhati, the bronze medalist will receive Rs 30 lakh. This cash award to the Paralympic medallists is at par with medalists of Olympics.

    The Delhi Golf club has announced cash awards of a total of Rs 50 lakhs for all medal winners from the 2016 Rio Olympics and Paralympics.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Not truly, not only media but government officials are not paying the required attention towards Paralympic medallists. Though they have performed well in comparison to Olympic medallists. The prize distribution and facilities are also less in comparison to Olympic medallists. Media has ignored Paralympic medallists and focused more on Olympic medallists when they won the medals. Each sportsmen should be respected whether he/she is differently-abled or not. Mentality should be changed.
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    If the Para Olympics held before the real Olympics, then our unsung heroes would have got big welcome and even best rewards. Unfortunately the Para Olympics were held after the main event and thus winners are not getting the required exposure even in International media.I used to watch BBC daily in the morning and they covered the Olympics in very detail. But they never mentioned about India's silver and bronze achievement. Likewise the BBC also totally forgotten India's stride in Para Olympics and failed to mention our gold, silver and bronze winning which was a world record. So what I mean to say that International media, social media and Indian media failed to glorify the winning and thus the government also taken light of their achievement. But for the common people all the Para Olympic winners are more than the regular winners.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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