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    It is almost 6 days over but still my article haven't been checked.

    Respected editors,
    I have submitted my article 6 days before but still it is not being checked, does the checking of article takes more time, as I am new I don't know how much time it take to approve the article, so its my heartily request to the editor to check the article. here is the link : Essentialness of technical education in modern age
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    I am not getting my answer could anybody here tell me why this is happening or it is general here, I mean does it really take much time to approve article here on this site.
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    Mr. Babu Saroj, please don't be impatient. Most probably, some Editors in this Section are away. My own article submitted on 16th of this month is yet to be reviewed. Same is happening in respect of other Members also. So, wait for some more time. Definitely your article will be reviewed very soon.
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