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    Why is common sense not common among people nowadays

    Coming to the term common sense, I would like to raise the question as to why it's not found in ma y people in common day to day activities. If we take the example of a busy road, many drivers lack the common sense to follow traffic rules to avoid accidents and chaos which cause inconvenience to the public.
    Criminals are getting violent in public places even after knowing that their actions are getting recorded on CCTV cameras and they will get jailed on day. Isn't this a lack of common sense? They are spoiling their own loves, their own family and the victims life also.
    The rains are creating huge potholes on busy roads but the development authorities never try to repair the roads completely until accidents start getting reported. Isn't this a lack of common sense when what dangers some situations bring are ignored even after being aware of them.. Members, please share your opinions.
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    The authorities have acquired a new type of common sense which is to pretend to be ignorant till someone dies. In the residential areas, most of the speed breakers are constructed as a monument of some fatal accident in the recent past. With the increase in the population and in absence of any commensurate augmentation in the allocation of funds, it has become unmanageable to attend to each and every pothole despite having knowledge about the same.

    Criminals have the common sense of their own kind as they are aware of the fact that the police generally acts only when compelled to do so. The CCTVs recordings are stored for a definite period and has to be purged periodically as the memory disc has a defined capacity only. Many of them are perhaps caught unawares also.

    The people have updated themselves with the contemporary version of the common sense which is that by following the traffic rules they will never be able to reach their destination in time and instead will be pushed behind by the others by the so called smarter one.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Common sense is always uncommon. It is a constant phenomenon over the ages.
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    Day by day, the people sitting at higher posts (especially government services) are becoming selfish. They will not take action until any accident or mishappening occurs. I don't think it is the matter of common sense, because they know what is right and what exactly is to be done. Even then, they don't do it for the welfare of the people. On the other hand, if we consider thieves then they are doing their act for the sake of earning their livelihood. They are bound to do mischievous act to fulfil their wish. There are also some sort of people in every society who are a great fond of stunts, actions which make them to perform it on the roads without having any fear of danger. This cannot be termed as lack of common sense, because they are doing it with full consciousness.
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