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    Is teaching a tough job?

    Teachers are always next to our parents. Not all teachers teach well, but still our society gives a special respect to teachers. We Indians consider teaching as a best and a safe profession. Some teachers take care of their students like their own children; some will treat the students like their friends and some will always be strict to their students. The point of view of the teachers towards their profession and their behavior towards the students varies. Every job has positives and negatives and so is the teaching profession.

    Taking care of two children at home itself is a big task for parents, but the teachers has to manage 50 to 60 students in a class daily, which is really a tough task. I personally felt that the workload of the teachers is actually very high when compared to that of the students. The teachers have to bring the best out of their students through their good teaching and have to make the student understand the subject. It is the responsibility of the teachers to increase the pass percentage, to complete the syllabus on time, to correct the papers of all the students in a class and moreover they have to learn daily and have to update their subject knowledge regularly. In teaching profession, patience is more important and the teachers have high responsibilities to raise the students as a best person in the society. The success of a teacher lies in the success of the students.

    Teaching is really a challenging job.

    What is your opinion about teaching? Is teaching a tough job? What are the difficulties involved in teaching?

    Share your views about teaching profession.
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    Not only teaching but any job is difficulty if handled without interest. But as far as teaching job concerned, the real interest and involvement. It is inherited in some people by nature. Perseverance is an asset to the teacher as he/she have to teach the lessons to the children with much patience. This aspect should be tested in candidates applied for teaching job as it is the main aspect to them. But many teachers in present days are just asked the students to read and do the sums by themselves without any homework in them. My paternal uncle who did his doctorate in the year 1969 but preparing for his next day classes of his MSc students when he was lecturer in a college. Nowadays students are very smart in asking questions to the teacher and the teacher should make him/herself as prepared for such question arrows by expecting.

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    Teaching is not a tough job provided you mend the ways of the children to your stride. My wife is the teacher and the way she behaves with the students in pre primary classes testifies that children need love and care and not controlling through chiding or other methods. Please note that children leave their parents and stays in the school during day time and their parting with the parents would be very taxing for them and in that context even if the teacher behaves also strangely means , they get terrified and wont come to school at all. But in the beginning it is a challenging job for every teacher. When the school opens, surely new students would also be admitted and thus the teacher has to take time and understand each child. Once the children are brought to her groove, then controlling them would be easy and in fact all the students would be yearning for that teacher only and this is happening with my wife.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Teaching is a noble profession but with the change in time, it has also undergone changes. Earlier there were neither private tuition nor coaching classes. The teachers used to guide the students by taking extra classes also in case so required without any consideration. Nowadays, the education has been transformed into a commodity. The degrees are being marketed like a product.

    The earnings of coaching institutes and the salary structure of its faculty is phenomenal. Such teachers lack the typical sincerity, dedication and devotion associated with the teaching profession.

    The situation in the Government schools is worse. The teachers behave like typical Government employees with associated job security without much accountability and always concerned about the next annual increment, promotion or transfer.

    However, there are still few good teachers who always get due respect from the society.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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