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    Not Much Satisfied with Railway Authorites

    Today I wish to share one of my bad experience in railways
    Last year for October vacation I was travelling to Dharwad with my kids as it was my mom's place. I Reported at Bangalore station in afternoon at 1.00 pm. I had taken a ticket to Dharwad. It started at the right time and was fine till we reached hubli station. At hubli station they made an announcement that the train will not go further because there is some repair work going on in Unkal. This work was going on past one month. When we reached Hubli it was 9:00 PM. All the passengers were shocked to know and were troubled who were travelling till dharwad. Even I was confused for a second because I was travelling with two small kids. Atlast I called my brother -in -law who was residing in hubli, he came for help and I stayed there for that Night. But Many passengers who were travelling to dharwad were troubled because in that many sick passengers were also there. Next to me when travelling there was a kid who had some urinary disorder and was going to Dharwad for operation the mother was panicked when the train was cancelling from moving ahead. When we went to ask the TC He said I don't understand kannada, Please go and talk to the office. From there we had no response. Actually when we issued a ticket in Bangalore itself he should have told that the train will not go till Dharwad. He had issued a ticket till Dharwad .
    But before going from the railway station I had dropped a letter in the complaint box. But till now no body must have checked it

    I am not saying that its wrong to repair but inform the passengers when they issue a ticket. So that they will be prepared for further arrangements. At night 9 when they announce the train will not go further it is so difficult to make arrangements especially when we are travelling alone with our kids. Actually I have written about this in many other sites also, so that people will be aware and prepared for such circumstances.
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    Very sorry to learn that the author and other passengers has to go through hardship because of the Railways failed to provide the right information. I was just astonished that when the work was going on for nearly one month,, then why the Railways issued ticket up to Dharwad. Ok even if the tickets were issued, it is the responsibility of the Railways to arrange onward journey to Dharwad passengers from Hubli. Suppose a accident takes place, the Railways do transfer the passengers by road to their destination. Like wise here also they should have done. Please lodge a complaint with general Manager of the Railways from where you booked the ticket for Dharwad. Surely you are eligible for compensation and also fine on Railways who failed to give right information to you. All the passengers would get refund and this is my experience had previously.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Thanks for your immediate response. I had thought of doing that and also preserved the ticket but one day my son unknowingly tore it and then dropped the idea of moving further, because I had no proof to proceed.

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    There are provisions for refund of railway fare in case the train is partially cancelled. However, in the case cited by the author, it appears that the repair work was announced that very day only after the train reached the Hubli station because due to some emergency situation the announced repair work became necessary which was not known to the railway in advance. Emergencies can develop without any prior notice.

    Once some fault is noticed in the railway track or such other situations, then trains cannot be operated. Under such circumstances, no option is left with the railways except to regret and inform the passengers accordingly.

    Once we are out for traveling, any type of emergency can develop and we have to have standby plan and be prepared for the same. Many passengers die or get injured in case of unfortunate accidents due to derailments etc. in case of fault in the system. It is better to cancel the train than taking the risk of operating the same despite having knowledge of some fault.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    This thread is to be taken for the reason that such things happen and can happen. Hence it is an awareness thread.
    But what I have a little doubt is, that the railway officials at Bengaluru(starting station) would not have a clear information about the termination at Hubli. It could have happened after the train left Bengluru.
    If they had prior information, then they are responsible to compensate for not giving correct information. Railways should have arranged some alternate transport working with State Road Transport Corporation etc.

    Even now such things happen. Of late Railways are treating passengers as rubbish. They exploit helpless passengers by various ways. In the last two days there are disruptions, interim terminations and cancellations of trains in Kerala due to derailment. Derailment has become a daily happening.

    I sometimes doubt, is it a ploy to privatise railways.!! Making people suffer frequently and then making them ask for privatisation. I am sure some such thing is working behind the curtains.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    If it is a reserved accommodation, then without tickets also the Railways are bound to pay compensation and refund of fare by seeing the reservation slip details of that day. So do not loose heart. Try this and get the money back.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    It is no doubt a bad and scary experience for some passengers. This is nothing but bad planning of Railway authorities. If the author wants, she can take up the matter by sending an RTI to the concerned Zonal or Divisional Railway Managers' Office. If an RTI is filed, the authorities would be forced to reply the same. If the author (or any other passenger of the train) wishes, she can also take up the matter to the Consumer Court for adequate compensation. It is for information that a consumer does not require to take the help of lawyer to file a complaint before the Consumer Court.

    Of late, the functioning and customer care department of Indian Railway has improved a lot under the present Railway Minister, Mr. Suresh Prabhu.

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    Partha - What about the cases, when due to compelling emergency conditions, the railway has to cancel the service?
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    #579555: Mr. Kailash Kumar: If the train is cancelled before commencing the journey, the money will be refunded. But cancelling training due to repair of track after commencement of journey is nothing but poor planning and apathetic attitude towards the passenger. So far as emergency condition is concerned, no rule can be applied. However, the railway authorities should arrange night-stay facility and food for stranded passengers in such cases, just like air passengers.
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    Due to natural calamities like landslides, floods etc. or disruptive activities of terrorists/criminals etc. sometimes during the course of the journey, it comes to the notice of the railway that it is not possible to ply the train further. In such cases, railway cannot be blamed of poor planning. During the year 2014, the railways had incurred a loss of Rs. 30,000 crores in the passenger segment.

    However, the fact remains that there is scope for a lot of improvement on the part of the railways.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Mr. Kailashkumar- emergencies can come at any time. But in this case the repair work repair work was going on past one month. The trains from hubli to dharwad was cancelled long back. Its is the mistake of the counter person who issued a ticket till Dharwad or he was not known don,t no. But when the train reached hubli there was a announcement about our train that its not travelling further. Now whose mistake ticket who issued in the counter or the hubli railway authorities. I had never faced such situation before. But any way learnt a lesson.

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    Leaving aside the responsibility of the railways, in case the passenger was aware of the fact that the repair work is going on since last one month, then he/she should have also taken care particularly in the case of a lady passenger travelling with two small kids. Normally, railway alerts the passengers through the publication of notices etc. in the newspapers in case major repair work is undertaken. Also, it can be ascertained through phone calls from the relatives at the destination station etc. Further, in such cases, the trains which leave early in the morning should be selected so that the train is not reaching the destination at late hours.

    A complaint can always be filed for redressal of grievances, if any, duly supported by the necessary documentary evidence. It is a matter of general knowledge that everything is not alright either with the railways or with the most of other Government departments also.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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