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    Should people go for preventive health check-ups after a certain age?

    Most of the people go to the doctor for check-ups or treatment when totally cornered or when it becomes impossible to further postpone the visit. Often, not taking care in the very beginning further complicates the medical condition which requires longer and expensive treatments.

    It is well settled that prevention is better than cure. But do we practice it also?

    Should people go for preventive health check-ups after a certain age? In case so then when it should be started and what should be its periodicity?

    Do you yourself go for periodic health check-ups or know any other person who goes for such preventive check-ups?
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    What I feel that frequently going to doctor or health clinics should be avoided. When the body is cooperating and you are active then nothing to worry. My elders used to say that if one gets good sleep, good food digestion and attends to natural calls with ease, then your body is perfectly alright and need not worry about any result. If you opt for health check voluntarily, surely there may one or two setbacks reported there either by default or by probable diagnostics. I have invariably observed that some investigating centers are giving probable results on the report and the doctors take it granted that we have been affected with new disease. And you know if the doctor says that we have to be admitted and be treated, then there is no other second option but follow him. Unless and until you are uneasy with life, never approach a doctor or clinic even for small ailments as they may showcase that as big disease.
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    If a person has family history of hereditary diseases and sugar, high blood pressure, glaucoma, etc., he/she must undertake annual body check-up after 50. This simple step would help him to take care of the medical problems which surface with advancing age.
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    It is always advisable to go for periodical health checkups after one crosses his middle age. This will help the person to maintain his health and help him to take preventive measures. This will also save the person from possible medical expenditure in future.
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    Yes people should go for preventive health check-ups after a certain age. it should be started at the age 30-35.In the armed forces after 30 years of age annual medical is compulsory for everyone. what should be its periodicity?
    It should be on annual basis.
    Do you yourself go for periodic health check-ups? yea I go annual health check-up .what are the test are required generally. They are-
    2.Blood and urine tests
    3.lipid profile
    4.lever function test
    5.cholesterol test
    6.Sugar test
    7. chest x-ray
    8.Eye test

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    It is good to have master health chek-up after certain age level. But by saying this many people started to make money out of it. By seeing this the BP of normal person is getting shoot up. In Salem one person took his daughter for some problem in her ear to an ENT doctor who was famous in that area. He advised to take scan as minute observation is required , he paid 500 rupees as doctor fees and came out. He enquired in the scan center for the cost and they told it would be nearly 7000. He afraid of money and return home for consulting with his wife. Next day on some suggestion from his friend he take his daughter to another doctor in another area and consulted for his daughter. That doctor simply gave a drops after cleaning the ears with syringe water and collected 150. Next day onwards the child was found okey.
    This may be an example but the doctors should not misuse the interest of the patients.
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    Patient - Doctor, the operation to me is already over then, why you are asking me to take scan again?
    Doctor - You got survival after operation but what about the survival of my brother-in-law who runs Scanning Center?

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