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    Kanhaiya Kumar says that those pass 9th or 10th with difficulties only join Army for money ?

    The JNTU Students leader who was in news for many reasons recently has once again raked up a controversial statement which says that those who have passed 9th or 10th with much difficulties are seeking job in Army for money. This statement is really alarming. Even graduates and Post graduates are applying for Army jobs. What is your observation on this. Does our Army piling up people with not much education ? Does the job in Army needs only such kind of people ? Why the educated lots are not vying for jobs in Army ? Why the Army recruitment are not transparent ? Please share your views.
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    This man has lost his mind over his celebrity status among the anti-social and anti-national elements. I do feel that students of JNU (I am talking about normal students, not about political preachers who remain student even after 30) will take note of the statement and properly take care of the maker of the statement.

    So far as education of army-men is concerned, I must state that we are going to fill up a particular operational post in our office through deputation. The nature of the job is such that many Army Officers applied. Only yesterday, I checked and found that almost all Army-Officers are PhDs, and they acquired PhD degrees during service. People who know the reality, don't bother about statements/comments of celebrity idiots.

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    In the Indian Army, there will be several categories of posts. Each post will have it's own educational requirement. The persons who join the army with a 10th. class qualification are in the category of a Solider. The officers cadre requires a Degree qualification. Hence not all the persons joining the army are without required qualification. The statements of Kanhaiya Kumar need not be given any importance or credibility.
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    I would rather give higher place to those 9th or 10th people who live their life for country and slogan for our mother land instead JNU Kanhayilal who eat and breath in our country, called educated and do anti social slogan against our country. Why not he leave this country if he has so much problem with India and Indians.
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    I agree with the Partha sir, why we are giving attention to anti-national and dirty politics player like KK. People should know what the work armed forces do and what qualification and experience and expertise is required to perform in adverse conditions.Students with 95% marks in intermediate are joining in Indian Air Force at airmen/soldier level,students below 75% marks do not have a call for written test. Officers entry level qualification is BA ,B.Sc, BE, MBBS, LLB, MBA, M.Sc first class for education instructor in IAF. I am an ex-officer with BE,MBA,M.Phil and many more courses and expertise.I challenge to such people to debate with me on any topic, in any subject. I can teach more than 15 subject up to gradution/ post graduation level.
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    Perhaps many unemployed youths are in search of any type of gainful employment, be it the army or otherwise. We do have an army of unemployed youth. Many people get attracted by the charm of uniform when they see one among them working in the armed forces visiting their home during vacations. The motivation for different people to join the armed forces may not necessarily be same. Other than that, I don't want to comment any further.
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    A few categories through which an individual can become a commissioned officer in the Armed Forces are –

    1. Entry through NDA after 10+2 with PCM. On completion of basic training, cadets receive an undergraduate degree
    2. 10+2 Navy Tech Entry at Naval Academy – a B.Tech degree is awarded on completion
    3. Direct Entry – after completing graduation
    4. College Entry – through campus selection

    Jawans, sailors and airmen have different qualification requirements, depending on the post. I have met many sailors in the Indian Navy who were undergraduates or pursuing post-graduation or MBA.

    Kanhaiya Kumar has no knowledge of the Armed Forces. He is being given unnecessary coverage. Why, make a hero of him, by publicizing what he says. He forgets that men guarding our borders, our waters and our sky are committed people.

    He is almost 30 and still has the government supporting him. The men he belittles are much younger when they take an oath to defend the country.

    A fool will always try to make sense of his nonsense!

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    Kanhaiya is above 30, lives on the grant provided by Govt. of India and enjoy life (travel by air, abuse common people, etc.) using dirty money coming from India's enemy. And of course, he talks nonsense which anti-national media-people report religiously.
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    Can we stop discussing kanhaiya? Who is he to give an opinion about our soldiers? Can he stand in front them? His agenda is dangerous and we need to realize the same. Kanhaiya is not a hero! Let us not give a space to him by discussing what he said!
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