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    Dengue fever proving more fatal than expected. Be careful.

    In our colony a young woman has died due to dengue fever and no one expected this news which shocked every one in our colony. Last week she was dancing to the tunes of drum beats when the Ganesh Immersion procession was going on and no one expected that she is dancing her last performance amid us. No one expected that she will face the death in that short period as her husband is away in Dubai. Just went to see the body and really moved as her small boy kept on weeping inconsolably. Sometimes tragedy comes to us unexpected and we should not take lightely even the ordinary fever.
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    I have also heard that the Dengue virus is mutating in such a manner that the virus are no longer identified by normal Dengue tests. So, no doubt that the disease is becoming more complicated and in some cases fatal. So every citizen of metro cities must check and take necessary action to prevent water-logging in the vicinity of his/her residence. Moreover, in case the vats containing wastes are not cleared regularly, complaint must be lodged with the concerned civic authorities promptly. Alert citizens can help a lot under such circumstances.
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    This year in my city Lucknow also more Dengue cases are being reported compared to the previous years. It has been observed that more cases are occurring in the outskirts of the city where some kind of construction work is underway. At such places, it is not possible to keep the area totally clean and free of water logging.

    The municipal authorities have issued notices to people to demolish ramps constructed on drains in front of their houses. The Government machinery is going through the motions of taking some action.

    We have to take precautions and venture out only for essential work like for going to workplace/school or essential shopping etc. Leisure outings must be restricted. Attending parties, picnics, walking/strolling etc. should be minimised.

    In case of even slightest doubt, prompt action should be taken to get the condition examined and the treatment should be initiated at the earliest.

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