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    Regarding Adsense Account

    Last month I applied for my Adsense Account.I received a notification from ISC that my profile page is not completed, hence I don't meet the minimum requirements for applying the same. My profile page is now updated.Can anyone please guide me what step should be taken further?
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    Your profile page did not meet 5 of the 6 requirements that are needed to apply for adsense. Modify your profile such that it meets at least 5 requirements.

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    Apart from what B R Nalla said, please make it sure that you are regular to this site with more contributions in forum and article sections. The more visible you are in this site, the greater chance to get the adsense approved immediately.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Though uploading profile photo is only one of 5 out of 6 criteria, but I think the author may consider fulfilling this requirement.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I think perhaps you did not fill in your address in the contact box. Check that out, as that was the case with me when I had applied years back. The address will be visible only to the Webmasters so you need not worry that it is not private. After you fill in the details, then check if that gives the necessary green tick for your profile update and fulfills 5 of the 6 requirements. As K Mohan, advised, it is also a good idea to continue submitting articles and other quality content (such as answering questions in the AE section) so that while your application is under review you are showing that you are continuing to submit good quality content.

    Good luck with your application!

    Managing Editor,

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    Thanks for the valuable responses and best wishes. I will look into the matter once again and try to tackle the issue .Meanwhile, I will work on my vocabulary and polish my writing skills to contribute unique articles to the site. Regarding AE section, am not confident enough to explore that area, but will definitely give it a try in near future.

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