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    When traffic police would learn traffic Engieering. U turns create more traffic jams.

    Having shortage of taffic police to maintain smooth flow of traffic during peak hours, the police are making the road users to travel far and take the U turn to go other side of the road. In Bengaluru we can see so many Traffic islands which are round about and one can have the access to all sides by going round. In Hyderabad we are having so many traffic signals at every 200 meters and thus traveling has become challenging. Moreover the traffic signals are not synchoronized and we have to wait for at least 90 seconds at each signal for clearance. When our Traffic police will learn Traffic Engineering.
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    I fully support the views expressed by Mr. Mohan. In Delhi, I also see that the traffic police manually operate traffic signals (this can be done in exceptional circumstances like VIP movements) regularly and create more traffic jam. Furthermore, the signages near the roundabout are not clear and sometime not available. This creates confusion in the minds of drivers who are not well-acquainted with the particular areas. Due to this factor, there have been accidents near the roundabouts.
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    The theoretical principles mentioned in the textbooks fails practically when applied in Indian conditions. Within the cities, there is no scope of further widening the roads though the population is increasing on an average @ 29 births per minute. Further, the roads are clogged on either side due to encroachments like our arteries which is clogged due to cholesterol.

    Delhi alone has 60 lakh vehicles and about 1400 vehicles are added daily on the roads. It is apprehended that due to road signals etc. the average speed during peak hours is likely to get reduced to not more than 5 kilometres per hour. As a matter of fact, instead of 6 or 8 lane roads, India requires 20 or 40 lane roads which is not possible in the cities like Hyderabad or Bengaluru.

    The concerned authorities try to do their best in the prevailing conditions. The citizens also don't cooperate. They have taken the role of criticising the system as their birthright.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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