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    Transgenders help sought to follow the rules of the road by Delhi Traffic police.

    For the first time in India, the transgenders are being given a graceful jobs of manning the traffic and also educating the road users about various traffic rules. Attired with good colorful sarees, the transgenders are stationed at signals across the Delhi to make aware and the need to follow the traffic rules. It is quite interesting to see their action on video and now the Delhites are forced to follow the traffic rules otherwise they get abused in front of others. It is a good idea mooted by the Delhi government as transgenders are also getting a chance to earn money in graceful way. Any comment on this ?
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    In the year 2006, the revenue officials in Patna had engaged transgenders to help them in the collection of outstanding municipal taxes. They were offered a commission of 4% also.

    The transgenders sang - 'Pay the tax, pay the Patna Municipal Corporation tax' , when they approached the defaulters. They collected Rs. 4 lakh on the very first day and thus earned a commission of Rs. 16,000.

    Many believe that the eunuchs have supernatural power and therefore they fear and revile them in many parts of the India.

    Many experimentation e.g. odd-even number scheme etc. has been tried in Delhi. But what is the solution of about 1400 numbers of cars getting added daily on the Delhi roads?

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I don't think such effort would bear fruit or help the transgenders in any way. How much would the transgenders get for the work? Considering present trend, I can say that some of the transgenders would start asking for ,money at various points including traffic signals causing more chaos, altercations and may be accidents on the road.
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